{NEWS} Infinite “Challenge! Infinite Refill of Popularity”

A large rookie group has appeared. The seven member male group, Infinite. Sunggyu, Sungyeol, Sungjong, L, Woohyun, Hoya, Dongwoo have been gathering feverish attention ever since their debut. Their reality program that aired on one cabel channel, had the highest record of viewers for the week and each of the members is a hot topic daily as they are placed in popularity searches. Beacuse of the sudden feverish attention, the members are in a haze.

“When we see fans in front of our dormitory and following us to schedules in taxis, I feel like we’ve actually become celebrities.” (Sunggyu)

The unusual rates of attention are due to their distinction. Since their debut, Infinite have been building an image of a ‘skilled’ idol group. Since their trainee course, members were picked through survivals.  Epik High, who have both skills in music and popularity, helped in the creation of the album and gave support to the group. Each member found a section to major in and fiercly polished their skills.  Including the leader, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungyeol, and Sungjong had to learn vocal dictions and breathing techniques, step by step, from the beginning. Hoya and Dongwoo, who are in charge of rap, are taking seperate classes from Tablo and Mithra Jin and are gradually progressing.

“Each of the members have different interests. The thing we share is learning composition and writing lyrics. I hope there will be a day that each member can unveil a self-composed song that they worked hard on.” (Sungyeol)

“Epik High hyungs have enforced that when rapping, you must pronounce each word correctly. They said that the first habit is important. It became a large help.” (Hoya)

Each of the members also have high levels of interest. Sunggyu had performed in a rock band at a club in a HongIkDae (a place) vicinity. L had gathered interest for the fact that he had acted in drama, “God of Study”.  Sungjong had a happening in which a controversy arose about his sex because of his beautiful looks and Sungyeol gathered attention for being the nephew of actress, Yoon YooSeon, and having ‘similar looks’.

The song that Infinite released confidently is “Come Back Again”.  It is a dance song that has an entertaining guitar riff as its accent. Their stage performance’s best point is their dance that has a slightly changed Michael Jackson moonwalk in it. Their stylist, Baek Ga of Koyote, got their stage clothes from New York, USA, so it is also very stylish. With their non-rookie like confident stage manner, they are being dubbed as the new generation idol group.

“Our goal is to make any music, dance, ballad, hip hop, R&B, into a song that only Infinite can absorb with our colors. If our fans want to hear us, whenever, wherever, we want to be a team that can give a content ‘infinite refill’.  / Sports Korea

CREDITS: Naver (Source); Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

One Comment on “{NEWS} Infinite “Challenge! Infinite Refill of Popularity””

  1. _sungjonglove says:

    How did they get their clothes from Baek ga from Koyote??? Cause he’s been diagnosed with brain cancer??? O_O interesting?? Did he design the outfits on his hospital bed?? lols ^^

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