{NEWS} Newcomer idol group, Infinite. Music Video’s Dance a Large Topic

Newcomer idol group Infinite’s dance version music video has been released.

As Infinite released their first single, First Invasion, in June, their simple but sensible dance moves such as the ‘come back dance’, ‘guitar dance’, ‘bow dance’ are being shown in their ‘Come Back Again’ stages. In their dancing, the perfect timing and their angles, that show the new outcome of Infinite’s 7 members long training period, are attracting attention.

The dance version video that was released on the 28th, gets rid of the fresh boy-ish feel that they’ve been performing with and shows a more manlier side. The music video for their title song, “Come Back Again”, was directed by Hwang SooAh, who also directed “Abracadabra”. Hwang SooAh is not only gaining credit as a good director from her music videos, but also for movies such as “Why Did You Come to Our House” and various CFs. This time, in Infinite’s music video, she creates a refined video and a dynamic story which is infinitely filled with Infinite’s charms.

Also, their dance skills that they show on stage, their refined image that reminds you of a photoshoot, and their black & white suit gives off more charisma.

Infinite’s company representatives state ” Come Back Again’s chorus part has lyrics and a melody that once you listen to it, it has an addictive point that makes you never forget it” and “The dance that Infinite showed with the song is already popular between people and many are now following the dance”.

On the other hand, Infinite is now performing their title song “Come Back Again” off their first mini album.

CREDITS: News Way (Source) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


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