{NEWS} Wang Biho, “Infinite? It’s Not Even ‘Implant’…”, Witty Defamation Marks

‘Wang Biho’, played by gagman, Yoon Hyungbin, created laughter after stating a witty mark to newcomer idol group, Infinite. “It’s not even ‘implant’…”

Yoon Hyungbin came out last on the July 7th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert” in the corner “Balsam School”, and gave witty defamation marks about the celebrity guests, Infinite and Koyote.

As soon as Yoon Hyungbin saw the newcomer idol group, Infinite, he gave laughter to the audience as he stated “Infinite? It’s not even ‘implant’…”. Then he went on by saying, “Anyways, it was good that you came. It’s very good that you came today. Why? Even if I’m not funny, I don’t have any burden. Even if I’m not funny, it’ll actually be that people aren’t laughing because they don’t know who you are.”

To Infinite he also stated, “I looked you guys up and your song and dance was unbelievably good.” After complimenting them, he went on to say, “Your title song ‘Come Back Again’, this was really good. However if this was given to 2PM… Well, I can think like that, right?” After adding that, he made newcomers Infinite, flustered, but at the same time, the audience gave smiles as if to agree with the statement.

On the other hand, Yoon Hyungbin also said to Koyote, “Heh, it’s tiring now, tiring” and emptied out his honest words.

CREDITS: 백지현 @ Newsen (Source) ; Hyejin (crazeecores) (Translation) @ Endless Limits



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