{NEWS} 100708 Infinite “Highschool Girl JiAe, Surprised At Her Strongheaded and Fierce Personality (Interview ②)

7 membered boygroup, Infinite, had a reality program on Mnet called, “You Are My Oppa*” that allowed people to know them before they debuted with “Come Back Again”. This program was pointed out because it had an unusual concept which was taking care of a younger sister. The younger sister at that time was a highschool girl, JiAe, who was the same age as the youngest, Sungjong.

Infinite says, “To be honest, we didn’t know it was a program to take care of a younger girl.” And added, “We were eating breakfast when all of a sudden JiAe came in and shocked us.”

“It’s not as if she were a small child, she was a fully grown high school girl. While doing the show together, we understood the minds of high school girls better. It was as if we became fathers. She was like our child and sibling at the same time.
During the recording, Infinite wanted to help JiAe out and was cleaning out her stuff when they saw her undergarments and they became embarrassed. “It was an obsession to help out our younger sister no matter what. We wanted to give, I don’t think there was anything we wanted in return.”

Although there are members with older sisters, no one has a younger sister. Infinite said, “JiAe was strongheaded and fierce, which was different from our older sisters.” They also said, “We didn’t know how to discipline her. If it was a younger brother, we could just fight and such.”

“Even though we were a bit taken back with the fact that we were taking care of a younger sister, we learned how to look at cameras throughout the reality program. At first we were really alert of the cameras, but somewhere along the way it became comfortable. JiAe said that she saw our debut stage. She liked it and said ‘I’m going to become a fan.’ She also said that she’s envious that as she sees her oppas*, it looks like they are doing the job they want to and reached their dreams.

Infinite meaning that there is no limit. Lee Sungyeol was noted as actress Yoon Yoosun’s nephew while the “Kim Bum look-a-like”, L, was a topic for having his scene cut out of “God of Study” after being a cameo. In addition, the youngest Sungjong was contrasted about his sex. “If I said it didn’t bother me, it would be a lie. But I didn’t recieve stress from it.
It was because there was interest in me that such controversies came out. It felt like ‘I became an issue’.”

These days, many idol groups are debuting then disappearing. In addition, there are many basement trainees that are dreaming of debuting. If you look at it this way, Infinite is lucky for having people know your name increasingly after debut.

“We don’t really have a role model yet. We like artists that have amazing showmanship skills such as Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. We hope to be a group that isn’t boring and has good songs. A group that has no limit in extending forwarding, and is remembered for a very long time.”

These 7 boys who danced and sang in front of their preschools have become full-fledged men into one group, Infinite, and are now standing in front of the public eye. Their development with no limitations is now starting.
*Oppa: A term that a younger female uses towards an older male.

CREDITS: Lee Unhyuk & Bae Junghan @ Newsen (Source) ; Hyejin (crazeecores) @ Endless Limits (Translations)

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