{NEWS} 100718 ZE:A, Infinite, Teen Top…’Inkigayo’ Hot Stages By Newcomer Male Groups

Who will be 2010’s best newcomer male group?

SBS Inkigayo’s “Hot Summer Special” that was aired on the 18th, showed charismatic stages by the newcomer groups Teen Top, ZE:A, and Infinite; groups that you should look out for in 2010.

Last week, Teen Top showed non-rookie like live skills and perfect choreography and finished their debut stages; this week they performed their debut song, “Clap” and showed a more synchronized dance, showing off the 10’s charisma.

Also, ZE:A came back with a powerful rock sound with, “Level Up” while dandy idol, Infinite, performed a hot stage with “Come Back Again”.

On this day’s broadcast, along with the promising idols Teen Top, ZE:A, and Infinite, there were Super Junior, Taeyang, Son Dambi, Orange Caramel, Jang Yoonjung, f(x), Joosuk, December, Black Pearl, Aurora, Narsha, Sookhee, and Kan Miyeon as performers.

CREDITS: Morning News (Source) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

Uh, they performed? O: I couldn’t find Clap or Come Back Again, so I thought this wasn’t a good source, but two other reliable news sources said the same thing, so I decided to just translate the article.

Thank you for the comment, Misa!


2 Comments on “{NEWS} 100718 ZE:A, Infinite, Teen Top…’Inkigayo’ Hot Stages By Newcomer Male Groups”

  1. Misa says:

    Hi, I just found your blog *follows*

    I didn’t watch Inki, but I found a link to the episode. I spy the boys!


  2. Mil says:

    Haha yeah I was gonna say, they did perform ^.^
    Thanks for traslating though!
    Alot of the new boygroups are really good this year, but of course Infinite will win rookie of the year.

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