{CLOSED} Infinite First Invasion Mini Album Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I am proud to tell you guys that Endless Limits will be having our first giveaway! :)

Go under the cut for this super amazing giveaway! ;D … You know you can’t resist ^^

We will be giving away Infinite’s ‘First Invasion’ mini album. The album will be purchased from DVDHeaven. That way, the album sale will count towards Hanteo charts to support the boys! :D How spiffy is that? You get to own an amazing album while supporting Infinite. It’s like having a cake and eating it at the same time X)

There are two ways to participate. By commenting on our articles on this site or by retweeting the giveaway tweet. The more you re-tweet & comment, the more chances you have to win! But if you are commenting on our articles, please remember to not spam! :( Spamming as in really short replies (I.E. “Lol, cool”, “Haha, Dongwoo is so hot!”, etc). Also, when commenting, please enter a email address you use.

The giveaway tweet is “Win Infinite’s ‘First Invasion’ mini album! Follow @_endlesslimits & visit http://is.gd/dyLw7 for details! #FIRSTINVASIONGIVEAWAY“. It must be in that exact form or else your tweet will not count. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

The deadline to participate is August 20, 2010 at 11:59PM PST!

The giveaway winner will be selected by random. Once we have chosen the winner, we will order the album on DVDHeaven and have it delivered to your house or whatever address you decide to use :)

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86 Comments on “{CLOSED} Infinite First Invasion Mini Album Giveaway!”

  1. bla3 says:

    giveway?? Yay! I want it so much.
    I really want to comment,but my english is errr,not good at all xp
    well,thanks so much for translation and picts.cos i don’t really like forum.i prefer blog.kekeke

  2. kisseu says:

    ah,sorry, i mean giveaway. Typo.
    I’m too excited xp

  3. _sungjonglove says:

    Awww this is awesome!!! I’m not sure if I could participate because I’m very sure my parents won’t allow me to give an address to you if I did win!!! ==” I so want one, but I can’t buy anything online and I live in australia, where no Korean artist would want to come, and the albums here a like $40 aus dollars!!! So much for just a mini album!!! D: Awww this is a one in a life time offer that I’m not allowed to accept to participate…I wanna cry!!! )’: congrats to the winner!!! I’ll always be cheering on Infinite and Endless Limits!!!! ^O^

    • stuffedbunny says:

      Aw! Haha, it’s not once in a life time X) I’m sure there will be other giveaways hosted here! Maybe next time? :)

      • _sungjonglove says:

        yeah…probably…not??? You understand the Asian parents, their strict!!! Very very strict, I just asked my mum if I could buy one, and she said maybe and she’ll see!!! I’ve asked her like INFINITY times for loads of albums starting from B2ST Shock, T-Max Born to the Max, Super Junior Bonamana & the repackage, now Infinite First Invasion!!! OMG!!! Well I have to get use to it!!! Haha lols I so want an album so bad!!! I haven’t even got my first ever album!!! O: I want my first ever album to be Infinite’s First Invasion!!! ^O^ I’ll work for one!!! Haha since I don’t do chores!!!! Lols Infinite hwaiting, Endless Limits hwaiting!!! ^O^

  4. star18 says:

    wow, thank you for making a give away! it’s a good start to let the artiste more well known..
    never really won any kind of giveaway, so must as well try this one!
    i like the leader (sungkyu) the most.. he reminds me of many ppl.. jaebum, woo young all in one. haha :D

  5. syaffff says:

    This is awesome! Love the boys & hope tt their album counts would increase :) Infinite FTW!

  6. RaudhahM says:


  7. xsunghyo says:

    awwwwwww thankyou for making this giveaway <333
    can we do both commenting and retweeting? :D

  8. RaudhahM says:


  9. RaudhahM says:

    Sungyeol reminds me of Dongho ^o^ but i love Dongwoo~ and L is my eyecandy haha leader is cute too! sunggyu~ but still i go with dongwoo LOL~

  10. byeol says:

    Omg, you guys are awesome. T__T i’ve been really wanting to get a Infinite album and this seems to be a good opportunity to… win one!

  11. Soki says:

    Omo =D it’s a very great GIVEAWAY !!
    INFINITE are soo COOL && Handsome !!
    Hope I will get it && thanks so much for this giveaway !!

    Endless Limits jjang!! xD

  12. Soki says:

    Hmm… I have a question what is the name of the fanclub of INFINITE ?? Is it Aria ?

    INFINITE ROCKS <3 … !!

  13. blackjacks21 says:

    WOW I want this giveaway !!
    Infinite are so cuuuute !!
    Their music rocks !!
    Hope i will win their first mini album xD .,.
    ENDLESS LIMITs jjang … Hahahaha

  14. JoJo says:

    a give away…so so cool.
    like i always visit this site for Infinite news.
    and its is jjanG!

    i so want an INFINITE album….

  15. RaudhahM says:

    L: Hyung, is it big?


  16. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway :) My love is INFINITE.

  17. Mil says:

    Oh yays a giveaway! Its funny seeing all these people comment here when there usually isn’t very many commenters ^.^

    I’m excited though! I want that mini album! I love infinite and their songs!

  18. ysnwkhbs says:

    Whoo! Giveaway.

    Out of most of the new groups’ debuts, Infinite really stood out.
    Good song, interesting dance, catchy, Yeahh~

    Excited for the giveaway!! (:
    Retweeted and commented.

  19. Sarah says:

    Sounds awesome. I hope you get a lot of new followers. :)

  20. RaudhahM says:

    This giveaway is driving me crazy. LOL.

  21. taehee_nim says:

    i have been waiting for this for such a long time! since it is hard for me to find this album in my country, because mostly they go for the most rated and the already-popular groups. so, i really hope to win this album, because INFINITE is just love! ^_^ thanks for the chance! :D

  22. littlehae says:

    Oh god! I want this so badly! :D It’s hard for me to buy this, because i don’t even have a credit card. Or a job. lol
    So thank you so much for this opportunity! :D You guys are awesome! ♥

  23. anna says:

    oh my!!
    Giveaway is always makes me excited !! ^^
    Infinite is really cool!! love them..love their songs~
    i’m the new follower anyway…hehe

  24. Shiisyn says:

    Wuaah, this! First invasion giveaway !
    I want it~
    gimme please..

  25. NothingOnJay says:

    This is an awesome contest i hope i win are we suppose to put our email in the comment too?

    • stuffedbunny says:

      No, you do not need to put your email in your comments too.

      When you comment, the form will require you to type in your email. The admins/staff have access to this information.

  26. andee1813 says:

    im having a hard time finding it herein thailand xS i dont know why LOL~
    i wanna get it!! i’m dying to get their minialbum<33 !!
    and getting this giveaway is much better for me to use up my money travelling in bangkok finding that album LOL~

    i wish i could win one!!

  27. soki_yang says:

    OMO OMO really i promote your site in my twitter @soki_yang and @park-sister
    i having hard time to find it in France and i wanna get it
    Giveaway is always makes me excited !!!^_^
    I want that mini album! I love infinite and their songs!

    really i want it !!
    i wish i could win one!!



  28. RaudhahM says:

    she’s back! *turns*

  29. Kimyu says:

    Cool. A giveaway!! I will love to promote and particpate! my twitter is hamham_kimyu
    Hwaiting <33

  30. Kamilla says:

    Awesome, just tweeted this!
    Heard about it in one of OverZero’s tweets.
    I’m so excited! Good luck to everyone! :)

  31. RaudhahM says:

    can’t wait to watch YAMO ep5 T.T only up to ep4 is subbed. these guys are addictive!

  32. RaudhahM says:

    Let me have this. i think i’m losing my mind haha

  33. seonyul1813 says:

    Sorry for commenting again,
    but can I ask something??
    How many winners will there be? only one ? ><

    • crazeecores says:

      Yup, there’s only going to be one winner so comment and your chances will be larger to get it~! :D

  34. 2NE1_4lyf says:

    So i never participated in a Giveaway so i would like to win cuz its soon my BDAY ^-^ and i want Infinite’s album !!
    Cuz i live in France and there are not kpop Cd’s and album like that so please i wish me Good Luck
    So its for that i would like to win this giveaway
    Socaina from the south of France !!
    Kiss !!:))

  35. Joon says:

    Don’t know if it’s the best place for ask. Well, anyway, I want to know if I can use your translations in the inifinite spanish forum that I own with a friend. This is the only place were I found the ufotown replies and I really want to translate them to spanish. Of course, I’ll give full credits to the blog for the english translation.
    That’s all. Thanks, and sorry for my rotten english, it’s obviously not my first language xD

    • crazeecores says:

      If you’re crediting then by all means, you can use it! I would be glad if you used it.

  36. Nee says:

    Wow! this is amazing! I want to join! teehee!
    I’m excited for this! I hope I win! keke. But good luck to everyone! :D

  37. RaudhahM says:

    22 days to go :( haha

  38. RaudhahM says:

    I don’t know what to say :( i really want this and so does everyone but i lost for words hahaha

  39. shya says:

    its gonna be august soooon~ hahah kay random countdown for you guys :P till the giveaway winner is announced.

  40. Christine says:

    I doubt I’ll win this, but it’s worth a shot to reply right? Anyways, I love the boys and I wish them all the best. I hope that they go far and I will always support them. FIGHTING!
    This would be the first kpop album if I do win though, so hopes are high yet low. :)

  41. RaudhahM says:

    Dongwoo was so happy when the foreigners said he’s handsome and also complimented his hair. lol. yamo jjang!

  42. DV9001 says:

    I love Free CDS hahha. But i highly doubt that i will win this, but you’ll never know :)

  43. yangyoseob says:

    ah this is great start :D! i finished watching “you’re my oppa” today and i really am starting to like infinite ^^

  44. Hey i very would like to win for the first Time but i never win on the giveaway !!
    Did everybody now that in South of France there are not kpop cd’s there are just in thé north of France !! So please i really would like won say me Good luck guys keekeke !!
    please guys !!and im a viewers of your site i very like this site cause when someone tell me where i CAN find the latest news of Infinite
    i say you can found the latest and tge latest pic & vId of infinite in Endless limits !! In this wordpress
    i really promote this site !!!
    Good luck Guys
    i wish me Goodluck

    Aria Fighting
    Infinite Fighting
    Endless limit Fighting
    kpop Jjang

    ^_^ !!!!! Hihihihi

  45. Korea-jjang says:

    Me too i don’t know what to say i just want to say that “I really want this album” fighting fighting yayayayayayayayay !!
    Oh she’s back she’s back she’s back oh .. Time to tell to my love!!

  46. Kara-kamilia says:

    Want this giveaway awesome !!
    Infinite is my love my oppa
    And how are you organize this giveaway? !! How are you sent this giveaway ?

    So Guys I want it !!
    And if you want I can help you for upload the latest news in infinite coz I know some site where they post the latest news !! I mean if you want some uploaders I’m free ㅋㅋㅋㅋkekeke

    Anyway I would like to win !!

    • Hyejin says:

      “And how are you organize this giveaway? !! How are you sent this giveaway ?”
      If you’re asking how we are planning to send the CD to the winner, we will be mailing it. ^^~
      And for helping us upload things, just fill in an application from the “Recruiting” section and we’ll read it over!

  47. RaudhahM says:

    SHE’S BACK mv is out!!! <3 <3 <3

  48. to7a-chan says:

    waaaaah i really want that CD T^T
    Infinite are my new crush , i really loved them from the very first day the showed <33

    u guys are really great for giving us a chance to win Infinite's mini album ~!!
    thank you so much =)

    i tweeted to ^^

  49. I’ve been stalking you’re site for news. Logging to forum is sometimes troublesome. I never thought about joining but after seeing them performing at M!Countdown I now want to have their album for myself.

    Hope to see more contest from this blog ^_^

  50. liinnd says:

    OMG I just read about this giveaway!! DDDD: am I too late? But I still wanna grab a chance to win this :D
    Yah I’m a new fan of Infinite actually–thanks to Come Back Again’s dance steps, She’s Back’s MV, and YAMO–and I was searching more about this group and I found this blog :D So gonna bookmark this blog so that I’ll know new news about them! :D
    anyway what’s their fan name? like, B2UTY for BEAST :) –I’m a B2UTY actually LOL.

    I’m not pretty confident if I can win this but yeah :) sorry for my bad English yeah :)

    endlesslimits hwaiting!! Infinite hwaiting!!

  51. _sungjonglove says:

    Ohh I just wanna say that, can you exclude me from this giveaway!!! Not meaning I don’t want the album, it’s cause I just got my album today, and I don’t want you to think that I want one!!! ^^ I’ve been commenting only cause I love this blog to death and also Infinite!! <333 I hope this album goes to someone that deserves it!!! ^^ But I also wish that my album was autographed by Infinite!!! :) Infinite Hwaiting, Endlesslimits Hwaiting!!! heart to heart, Aria and Infinite <333
    Kind Regards,
    _sungjonglove <333

  52. RaudhahM says:

    *Read the comment above* waaaaaa got the album already! i somehow feel excited for you! haha. anyway, all of them are on Twitter! *screams* lol. even Jiae. :]

  53. Christine says:

    Lovin’ the boys’ performance of She’s Back. Glad that SungJong is getting some stage time with more than 4 words! He’s so pretty! I wish the boys all the luck in the world.

    I really want this album, but I know that everyone else on here wants this too, so I wish everyone the best of luck!

    Infinite FIGHTING! <3 ;)

  54. RaudhahM says:

    What happened to Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong’s Twitter? :(

  55. RaudhahM says:

    9 Days x) And oh, the five of them made a new Twitter account~

  56. I WANT IT xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohyun and Myungsoo =3 !!!!!!!!!! i hope i win x3!!!!!!

  57. RaudhahM says:

    one week till this ends >.<

  58. kpoplover88 says:

    thank u for your giveaway
    I really love infinite
    i really want this album
    im a new follower here so i really appreciate this
    so excited yay infinite
    thank u so much :)

  59. arinarinyo says:

    oh my god oh my god~
    this is awesome!
    i want to comment on the articles but my english isn't good enough. .
    well, i'll try my best. .
    lol xD
    thanks for this giveaway. .

  60. captainhoya says:

    Ya!!! I want it~ excited with this Giveaway. even it’s hard to win but there’s a chance right?? kk~ :p
    thankyou <3333

  61. Woosoobiased ~ says:

    Wow! That’s great! I want to have it xD Even it’s hard to win ths. I wish i have a chance :)) Infinite is simply LOVE! <333333

  62. yatii says:

    im bad with these kinda things cause im usuallyvunlucky…but i’ll give it a shot. :D
    you guys are awesome for conducting these giveaways. :)

  63. ena says:

    wow……. a giveaway and not to mention it’s infinite’s too! am gonna try and this is gonna be the first one that i’m participating heh hope i get the chance to win! infinite hwaiting! <33

    and thank you so much for having a giveaway (x

  64. Pakou says:

    Wow! I really want this! I definitely need to collect all of my favorite rookies of 2010’s album! I hope I can get this! >.<

  65. soki says:


  66. Christa says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I WANNA WIN!!! GOTTA WIN THE CD..!!! FIGHTING!!! some luck… ULTIFAN OF INFINITE! woohyun N’ sunkyu..!<3 from the PH~

  67. tiffaemints says:

    giveaway ??? i want it !! hopefully i can win this mini album of infinite :D
    to be honest , they are my favourite rookie group right now :D

    i’ll try my best to win this album >.<
    fighting , thank you so much for this event to win the giveaway :DD

  68. Karen Vang says:

    i hope i’m NOT too late x] but OH MY GOD ! “FIRST INVASION” mini album ? i’ve been wanting one since they debuted ! i’ve been wanting a k-pop album for so longgg x[ but i never got the chance !! OH MY GODD ! your so awesome for this ! i love you <3 even if i don't win it , i'll still love you cos' your making the offer ! i'm not even lieing ! :] OMG OMG OMG OMG ! i really want it !!!! xD if i win this , i'll love you forever . . . & ever till the day i die ! I LOVE INFINITEE <333 thank you so muchhhh for this offer though ! SARANGHAE & HWAITINGGG :]♥

  69. kpoplover88 says:

    I hope it not late. so exciting. I enter many contests this year and i never get to win a kpop cd. I hope that i get lucky and win infinite cd. ur the best and thank u so much really appreciate that. thank u for a million times for this offer.. Thank u… fighting fighting :) <3

  70. DJL says:

    Its late? Tell me its not late.X_X
    Oh,damn you internet conection.T-T
    Hmmm…What i need to say? Well,lets start
    From the start i follow this boys.They are awesome like “wooow awesome”
    Im glad they have many fans,even thoung they didnt win nothing yet im sure they know we really do love them.<3 keke.^^
    Infinite are one of the best rookie group of the year.They are talented,good looking,amazing dacing skills,power voices.=PERFECT
    I was looking for a blog/site where i can find all the news about Infinite and you guys show it to me.Im verry verry thankfull for your work here.Its means a lot to me,to all that enter here.
    I dont know if im able to win,honest i didnt win anything till now(maybe im not so lucky at all) but i'll be happy if i won or for someone else that gonna win it.<3
    Im pround to be a fan of Infinite & a fan of your page!
    *ok,i was to loong.*
    Infinite hwaiting!!!! Endlesslimits hwaiting!!!!!

  71. lee yeon ra says:

    GIVEAWAY?! I WANT THIS!!! Sungyeol and Myungsoo is my bias here :D I RECENTLY LOVED INFINITE :D

  72. lee yeon ra says:

    want it so much since this is not released her in the Phiippines!!!! I WANT ONE :D PLEASE :D