{UPDATES} 100718 ~ 100720 Various UFOTown Replies


[To Sungyeol] Oppa, what’s in your cheeks? Kekeke. It’s so cute, kekeke.

[Sungyeol] There’s candy. (He’s implying that it looks like he put candy in each side of his cheeks to make them look puffy ) Kekeke, want one?? I don’t want it…

+ 1 Hoya Reply Under the Cut


[To Hoya] Oppa, do you remember you drew my face? My younger sibling said that oppa can’t draw well, keke

[Hoya] I learned art…ㅜ I did it like that because there was no time!

(The picture that Hoya drew for the fan)

CREDITS: Murisu.com ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


4 Comments on “{UPDATES} 100718 ~ 100720 Various UFOTown Replies”

  1. RaudhahM says:

    Lol. that drawing sure is something haha

  2. Melissa says:

    SUNGYEOL! so flirtatious! I’ll take the candy if he gives it to me mouth-to-mouth /is bricked.

    Lol Hoya. Excuses, excuses xD

  3. kisseu says:

    hahaha.seungyeol! ‘there’s candy’ . He’s cheeks is really cute~~ gyaa.i love him!
    And lmao at hoya’s drawing! And his excuse~
    i want more UFO ! Hahaha

  4. littlehae says:

    Sungyeol is def my favorite dork! xD Ahahahaha~ I want one of those candies! He’s such a cute dork. ♥ Adorkable, indeed.
    And d’aaaaw, poor Hoya. Don’t worry, i loved your drawing! :D Teehee~ at least that fan was so lucky! I wish he could draw my face, but that’s impossible for now~ /sigh

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