{NEWS} 100721 Who is the Next Generation, “OranC Star”?

It was revealed that Dong-A Otsuka* is going to hold the final voting for the ‘2010 NEW OranC Festival’ at Seoul University’s Marronnier Park on the 24th.

OranC has a commercial jingle, “Catch the stars in the sky, catch the moon in the sky”, that everyone knows, and for the ‘2010 NEW OranC Festival’, each contestant needs to remake the song to fit their own style; it’s a competition that is based around the singing and dancing area.

It started at Seoul first at June 13th, and they went to Busan*, Gwangju*, Daejun*, Daegu*, and in these 5 cities they had a provincial competition which had 209 people in 72 teams participating, and for the final competiton, the top listing teams for each province will all meet to finish the final match.

At this event, popular gagman Hwang Hyunhee will MC and singer Yurisangja*will be judging, while popular idol groups U-Kiss and Infinite were invited to be guest singers and will perform refreshing stages on this summer night.

Also, Kim Jiwon, who is gaining popularity for being OranC’s advertisement model, will appear and do a dance performance.

(The last sentence was just about their marketing plans, so I took it out)

There’s really nothing on Infinite, but I just thought it would be a head up so I just translated. ^^

Dong-A Otsuka : A beverage manufacturer

Busan, Gwangju, Daejun, Daegu: Provinces in South Korea

Yurisangja: A group consisting of two males

OranC: A beverage (I’m guessing made of oranges.)

CREDITS: Kim Honggun @ EBN News ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translation)


2 Comments on “{NEWS} 100721 Who is the Next Generation, “OranC Star”?”

  1. Mil says:

    YAYAYA! I’m so so happy for Infinite! From this you can tell their popularity is getting higher! I totally cannot wait to see their performance! <3

  2. byeol says:

    Popular idol? yaaaaaay. GO INFINITE <3. Omo, this is so exciting! I'm so proud of the boys (:

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