{UPDATES} More UFOTown Updates From 100719~22

EDIT: (Added)

+ 5 Under the Cut (3 Dongwoo, 1 Sunggyu, 1 Hoya)

Glaring sounds weird, but that’s how the fan wrote it, so you could take it in like she’s staring really hard.

CREDITS: Murisu.com ; UFOTown Infinite’s Circle ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


2 Comments on “{UPDATES} More UFOTown Updates From 100719~22”

  1. Misa says:

    it’s a little cumbersome to read the pics. maybe you can widen the layout a bit? thanks for posting, though! i really love reading UFOs^^

    • crazeecores says:

      yeah, the layout makes it kind of hard to read so to read it, just copy the image address :D we’ll try and change the layout for it to be easy to read

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