{PICS} 100727 @ Arirang’s The M-Wave via Twitter

+ 1 Under the Cut

CREDITS: themwave2010 ( The M Wave’s Twitter) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits


6 Comments on “{PICS} 100727 @ Arirang’s The M-Wave via Twitter”

  1. Kamilla says:

    Awww… Hoya is cut out from both pictures. >_<
    It looks like SungYeol wants to kill DongWoo in the first picture, LOL.
    and SungJong looks so cute in the 2nd one! :D

  2. seonyul1813 says:

    LOL Sungjong!! Nice expressions XD
    And Sungyeol?!? Don’t choke Dongwoo oppa~ XD LOL i still need him~!! btw I love what Dongwoo is wearing on his hand ! :D
    Hoya’s wearing a cute blue ~ hmm.. what do u call that he’s wearing on his head? XD LOL nice pics tho~:D

  3. byeol says:

    Hoya looks cute with the beanie! He’s looking cool there ;)
    LOL SUNGYEOL WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Poor dongwoo bb. Sungjong’s all :O :O
    XDDD. I see woohyun appearing only in the second one hehe and L is looking handsome as always <3

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