{UPDATES} 100727~100728 UFOTown Replies

+ 4 Under the Cut (HY, SY, SJ, SG)

Hoya’s drawing of the fan

The fan was saying in the post how Sungyeol didn’t seem to remember that it was a drawing of her that he drew.

Sungyeol’s drawing of the fan

CREDITS: Murisu.com ; Infinite’s Ufotown Circle;  Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


2 Comments on “{UPDATES} 100727~100728 UFOTown Replies”

  1. misa says:

    lol howon. so what’s her name?
    jjongie’s answer is boring, but imagining him type it … haha so cute -_-

  2. byeol says:

    Totally agree with Sunggyu’s charm ;D. Yes your charm is your brightness. lol. Awww, the drawings! Hoya’s the best ( it’s not embarassing hoya! ) :p sorry sungyeol, i still love you.

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