{VID} Infinite Replying to UFO Town Messages; Translated Messages

So, what they were basically talking about was how they would answer the message so I decided to just translate the messages and the users who said it.

Translations under the Cut

[Myungsoo Ache] [To Sunggyu]: Oppa, are you really a man who lives properly? (Like having a proper/mannerly life, living the right way)

[Sunggyu]: Will I be a man who lives properly? Thinking about it hehe


[ShuShu] [To Dongwoo]: Darling!!!!!! >ㅁ< Why aren’t you coming home ㅠ.ㅠ?? ♥

[Dongwoo]: Are you going to make something delicious for dinner today??? Kekeke

I’ll rush home!!! Kekeke


[Sominnie] [To Woohyun]: Cute Woohyun~ (The fan made a play on words and said Gwiyuhwoohyun, and mixed Woohyun with Gwiyeowuh, meaning cute)  Oh~~ Your popularity is the best these days~~~~~~~~~~~ Show me some cuteness (aegyo: an act of cuteness) ~~ ♥

[Woohyun]: Hahyayang Eeheeheeheehee ♥.♥ (Supposed to be cute sounds) Accept my aegyo!!!! Heehee


[0919] [To Hoya]: Dancing machine!! (Hoya’s nickname) I’m a talking machine keke

[Hoya]: Honestly I’m also… A talking machine kekekekeke (Talking machine: Implying they talk alot)


[Eunbangie And Sungyeolie] [To Sungyeol]: Oppa what’s in your cheeks? Keke

So cute kekekeke

[Sungyeol]: There’s candy in it kekeke

Want me to give you one???


[Sungjong’s Wink Is Mine ♥] [To Sungjong]: My friends say that oppa’s and my big eyes look alike!!

Do you happen to have a hidden younger sister?? He (He as in hehe)

[Sungjong]: So you were the hidden younger sister!!!!

Hi hi>    < (When literally translated it’s Greetings Greetings, but in a really friendly way)


[Our Myungsoo] [To L]: I’m the noona who makes an ‘L’ with her fingers and shows it to you

Noona can’t go to tomorrow’s music performance ㅠㅠ

[L]: It’s okay if you can’t come. I’m happy with you just thinking of me!!

CREDITS: jinchoding2401 @ Youtube ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


6 Comments on “{VID} Infinite Replying to UFO Town Messages; Translated Messages”

  1. misa says:

    EL is getting a new look~ hooray!
    thanks for translating and posting the UFO replies.
    Infinite rookies are having so much fun with it!

  2. byeol says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I was watching for translation for this video! thank you mucho mucho! <3

    Omg, some of the replies made me laugh. some of them made me smile.

    Sungyeol, you would gimme those candies in your mouth? *-* -gets shot-
    Dongwoo is so funny! the girl and his replies. HAHA

  3. kisseu says:

    hahaha.Seungyeol’s answer!
    ‘want me to give you one?’
    i want! Give me your candy! Hahahaha
    Dongwoo darling~ omo come to my house.lol
    SungJong’s hidden sister.lol.

  4. Ngoc Nuong says:

    Oppa, lately how are you guy. Remember to keep your health for good okay. I look forward to the first time Korea met the right oppa. Remember to much oppa ^_^

  5. baotran says:

    When you come to Vietnamese?

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