{PICS} Fantaken ; 100801 @ Inkigayo Fanmeeting Part 1

+11 under cut

CREDITS: as tagged ; Aria Fan Cafe ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


4 Comments on “{PICS} Fantaken ; 100801 @ Inkigayo Fanmeeting Part 1”

  1. misa says:

    haha so this was the camera sungyeol was frantically waving at! and then he ripped his sleeve eu kyang kyang!

    dongwoo kiss is mine *is bricked*

  2. seonyul1813 says:

    woah these pics are awesome!!! XDDD
    LOL ! too funny!! L is hot, Woohyun is adorable, Sungjong is CUTE with the heart sign, hoya cutely smiling, sungyeol daebak ! he ripped his sleeve! XDDDD
    aww dongwoo let me catch that kiss! :’3 XD

  3. kisseu says:

    AH!! Dongwoo’s kiss is killin’ me. Gyaaa
    Lmao at Seungyeol . His pose.o m g
    sungjoong,you are so cuteee! Ah ah ah!

  4. byeol says:

    /accepts dongwoo’s flying kiss/
    XD lmao. good job to the person who edited it!

    oh sungyeol, you cute person <3. hahaha! L always look hot but he's so skinny T-T just look at his ribs… pretty visible. please eat more L<3

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