{NEWS} 100803 Infinite begins promoting follow-up track ‘She’s Back’

Idol group Infinite is transforming with their follow-up track ‘She’s Back’.

Infinite will release the digital single ‘She’s Back’ on August 4th, in which a remixed version of ‘She’s Back’ will be included. They are planning to continue the popularity they received from ‘Come Back Again’.
‘She’s Back’ is a charming track with a retro sound that quickly attaches to listeners’ ears and was created by Han JaeHo (who was responsible for such hit songs as Kara’s ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Mister’, and ‘Lupin’) and Kim SeungSoo.

Because Infinite gained a lot of love for their retro-but-modern choreography in ‘Come Back Again’, the anticipation for their new choreography is high.

Infinite has received love for their charismatic and synchronized debut track ‘Come Back Again’ and had attention from many because a lot of stars, including Orange Caramel and BEAST’s Lee KiKwang, followed their dance moves on UCC videos and variety programs.

Infinite plans to show off each individual member’s charms while at the same time showing their unique synchronized group dance through ‘She’s Back’. They hope to leave behind the chicness they have shown thus far on stage and transform into freestyle cool boys to catch women’s hearts.

Like the ‘Come Back Again’ dance, there is a new dance called the ‘Hello Hello’ dance during the chorus of ‘She’s Back’ that will probably become another trend.

Hwang SooAh director, who also directed the music videos for Infinite’s debut track ‘Come Back Again’ and Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha’s ‘Bbiribopa’, worked together with Infinite again to record the members’ bright images at the beach with a cruise ship as the setting.

Infinite plans to continue performing in music programs beginning with Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ on the 5th followed by KBS’s ‘Music Bank’.


2 Comments on “{NEWS} 100803 Infinite begins promoting follow-up track ‘She’s Back’”

  1. seonyul1813 says:

    Woww Im so happy theyre promoting “she’s back” soon! i agree they really looked fresh in it!
    im hoping this will gain alot of attention like in ‘come back again’ !

  2. MISA says:

    Hello Hello dance?
    This really is the perfect follow up to Come Back Again!
    I can’t wait~!!!

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