{VID} Infinite – She’s Back MV

CREDITS: woolliment @ Youtube (Video) ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


8 Comments on “{VID} Infinite – She’s Back MV”

  1. Christine says:

    Really great video. The editing looks very nice! YAY for Infinite!

  2. littlehae says:

    This MV is just so cute i feel like dancing and oh god, i want to go to the pool and have fun too! though it’s winter in my country. lol
    I really love Infinite’s MV! ♥ Until now, I love both of them. :D so, yay! She’s Back, hwaiting!
    I can’t wait for the performances! (: I love this song!

  3. misa says:

    i just knew they were gonna end casually in the end! but DAEBAK, Manager made a cameo appearance!! i’m so happy all around with this mv. joy joy joy written all over my face!

  4. seonyul1813 says:

    waaa soo cool!! i love the dog~~~ XD LOL i love infinite too dont worry haha!
    i love sunggyu’s star on his neck :’3
    i keep on repeating “time will tell to my love” part XD hahaha

  5. maiia says:

    my favorite is when sungyeol’s best aim to his mouth so cute..
    i wonder if he has a line in this song

  6. byeol says:

    This is seriously the cutest mv ever. So refreshing that I like! <3
    Infinite seems to have the best mvs seriously.. well.. it doesn't make much sense but enjoyable still because of their cuteness aiguu~ :3

    sunggyu's star tattoo is total plus btw! he should have it permanent. just kidding ;D
    aaah i so badly want to join them after seeing this mv ;A;

  7. Mil says:

    YAYAYAY loved the MV! Sadly I didn’t watch it til today cuz I never had time to get to a computer :O
    Gosh I love the mv! Its so beautifully made and the boys look like they had so much fun! GOSH I WANNA BE THERE TO PARTY ON THE BEACH THEM.
    And was that their manager at the end?? it was sorta funny haha

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