{PICS} 100803 Infinite @ Park Kyunglim’s Starry Night Radio

Translated the captions that were with the pictures;

A/N: Just thought I should clear up a couple of things~

Woohyun & Vitamins: On a lot of interviews/radios, Woohyun compares things to vitamins and says how it’s something he cannot live without, etc. He mentioned it a couple of times on Starry Night and thus, they added it as captions ^^.

All the (…) & other parentheses are part of the captions and none of them were added as an attachment. ~

CREDITS: Murisu.com ; MBC Starry Night Radio’s Homepage ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

Please take out with credits~!


6 Comments on “{PICS} 100803 Infinite @ Park Kyunglim’s Starry Night Radio”

  1. byeol says:

    Haha 8minutes? Wow. Anyhoo.. d’aaaww. Vitamins, woohyun? how sweet :). Hehe livelyanimatedoverfilledwithwill…. /thumbs up/ they sure are <3. I also agree on the part where Infinite looks good, sing well and dances well as well!!! :D GO INFINITE! thank you for the translation~ ^____^!

  2. MISA says:

    yup, he compared girls to vitamins, too. oh jayzous.

  3. Kimyu says:

    Ahh, cuteness <33
    I am diggin Woohyun's hair!

  4. andee1813 says:

    eh 8 minutes~~ ._.
    sungjong looks so cute here! >
    blonde woohyun! makesme wanna go asdjfhdjkjkg! too cute! ><

  5. Mil says:

    Aw cute that Woohyun said vitamins! haha! Man, he seems like a real health-addict XD (exercising, cooking, vitamins…)
    Thanks for the pics, they are adorable!

  6. littlehae says:

    omg─! ;O; l-jong! ♥ and i have this weird story inside my head about woohyun and sungyeol going on, just because i love them. lol
    they look so cute! and i love the picture where sungjong is resting his head against l’s head. just─ cute!! and woohyun waving like a super happy person is beyond cute! (:

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