{PICS} Infinite from the shooting scene of She’s back

+19 under cut

CREDITS: Aria Fan Cafe ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


13 Comments on “{PICS} Infinite from the shooting scene of She’s back”

  1. MISA says:

    Sungjong came out toooo cute in these pics. Arrest him xD

  2. seonyul1813 says:

    i dont know why, but i keep on looking at sungjong’s shots ! so cute! XD
    of course im still woohyun biased :’3 adorable blondie :D
    sungjong and the dog were so sweet LOL XD

  3. byeol says:

    sungyeol’s picture and sungjong with the dog has got to be my favourite shots but i still like them all of course :) they look like they’d so much fun! it makes me want to join them. these boys are good sport ;)<3. aha. i'm saving all of these, thank you!

  4. Mil says:

    OMGeeeeeeee thank you so much! ^.^
    These are amazing pics from the new MVVV!!
    The boys look like they’re having fun playing foot ball and playing in the water n.n

  5. littlehae says:

    seeing these pictures.. i feel like i want to go to the beach, have some fun, run with a dog (my dog if i had one ):) and then eat eat eat while i laugh so much. ♥
    it’s SO perfect! this mv was SO cute. (: one of my favorites, because they look like they are having so much fun together doing this!
    i love hoya and sungyeol’s couple shirt. lol ahahahha~ i really love their outfits! and sungjong looks like a diva here! so cute and adorable and such a diva boy! way to go bb! ♥

  6. lee yeon ra says:

    whici is sungyeol’s photo there?? :D

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