{VID} 08.05.2010 Mnet Countdown – She’s Back

Is it just me, or does SungYeol not have a solo part? :(

CREDITS: BBSHINeeWorldKR @ Youtube (Video); stuffedbunny @ Endless Limits


4 Comments on “{VID} 08.05.2010 Mnet Countdown – She’s Back”

  1. seonyul1813 says:

    Woah the choreography is awesome!! i love this performance!! and i noticed it too!
    seems like sungyeol didnt have a solo part!! >< TT"

  2. byeol says:

    it’s not just you. i noticed he didn’t have a solo part too T-T; however sungjong this time has more screentime so it is good i guess :) hehe. i like how they are in-sync again and their hello hello dance is adorbs. very good infinite keep it up!

  3. Mil says:

    I watched this earlier and it was amazing! The boys are learning to loosen it up on stage and smile :D
    Yeah I didn’t notice til you pointed it out that Sungyeol didn’t have a solo. When I watched that radio vid of them singing Shes Back I was anticipating him singing and the camera going to him BUT it never did :/
    Hm… I wonder why!
    BUT the good thing is that the other boys got more singing parts :]

  4. Kamilla says:

    Much more screen time for SungJong.. but… no solo for SungYeol? D;
    At least give SungYeol a lot of screen time to make up for it.. or at least put him in the middle of the formation for once. </3

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