{MISC} Wallpapers ; Infinite + Sungyeol & Sungjong


I made 2 wallpapers. Feel free to use them. (: Click on picture to enlarge.

Edit: added Sungjong! xD

+Sungyeol & Sungjong under cut



CREDITS: infinitydol @ Endless Limits (Wallpapers) ; valencia.org (Texture) ; deviantart (Brushes)


9 Comments on “{MISC} Wallpapers ; Infinite + Sungyeol & Sungjong”

  1. _sungjonglove says:

    Awwww pretty thank you, do you mind making others of the members too??? ^^

  2. Misa says:

    ooOOOooooh i likey! great job, can’t wait to see the rest ;}

  3. seonyul1813 says:

    Wowww so pretty! You really did great! :D
    i used princess sungjong as my laptop wallpaper :’3
    thanks for making these!

  4. Mil says:

    Oh pretty! Nice, soothing, simple. <3
    Thanks! I might just take the first one ^.^

  5. Pamela says:

    They’re so pretty!! :D

  6. littlehae says:

    Oh! These are beautiful! Will be using the first one! :D
    And lol, last one with sungjong. xD i couldn’t help but laugh… such a cute princess! i love all of them. (:! really!
    good job!

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