Happy 2 month anniversary!

Hey guys! August 7, 2010 is Endless Limit’s 2 month anniversary! Hallelujah~ We’ve reached 16, 000+ views and 935 hits in one day. You guys are so daebak!

If you haven’t been paying attention lately (because you’re so busy spazzing over how awesome Infinite is), Endless Limits is hosting a giveaway! :) The prize? Infinite’s First Invasion mini album! Hurry because the giveaway ends in less than two weeks! Click for details.

Also, we’re in dire need of Graphic Artists! So if you have some kick butt skills at making banners and icons, please apply. In addition, were also looking for Authors and Translators! Click to apply.

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Thanks to all our readers & our awesome staff. You guys rock!


3 Comments on “Happy 2 month anniversary!”

  1. Mil says:

    Yay Yay! Congrats!!!
    Woot~ 16,000+ views! :D

  2. seonyul1813 says:

    First of all, Congratulations, happy 2 month anniversary! :D
    you guys are also daebak,thanks for giving us infinite news :)))
    16, 000+ views and 935 hits in one day!! woah!!
    cool! we’ll always support endlesslimits ^^~

  3. kisseu says:

    happy 2 month!!
    You guys did a great job!
    Our love to infinite boys is infinity!hehe

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