{UPDATES} Hoya, Sungyeol, Sungjong, & L joins Twitter!

Final Infinite Twitter confirmation! L @ansxoddl123 ~

Infinite Twitter confirmation 3rd SungJong @yna00121

Infinite Twitter confirmation 2! Elementary schooler @sylee1991

Infinite Twitter confirmation! SungGyu @Finale35, DongWoo @ddww1122, WooHyun @hhgg1111, Hoya @hoya1991 we’re going to flood tweet

Follow Hoya, Sungyeol, & Sungjong.

OMG. All we need now is L. L has one! Follow L!

SungGyu: @finale35
DongWoo: @ddww1122
WooHyun: @hhgg1111
Hoya: @hoya1991
SungYeol: @sylee1991
SungJong: @yna00121
L: @ansxoddl123

+Woohyun & Sungjong tweets translated under cut

at SBS Inkigayo! She’s Back! She’s coming to me to me to me~~****

First performance of ‘She’s Back’ on a major broadcasting station !! I-yap

Hello~~~! This is Infinite magnae SungJong ^^ SungJong will reveal everything through Twitter, so please give a lot of love and attention~~ !!! Ppyong~~♥

CREDITS: n5vin @ Twitter ; ilovepocky@NLi (Trans) ; infinitydol @ Endless Limtis


14 Comments on “{UPDATES} Hoya, Sungyeol, Sungjong, & L joins Twitter!”

  1. they are practically IN to twitter…almost all members have one. Looking forward to their twit translation xD

  2. seonyul1813 says:

    Yay Im so happy everyone of them got twitter !!
    and L’s username sounds weird..? LoL~ XD
    thanks for the translations~!
    i cant wait for infinite to tweet in english LOL !

    • infinitydol says:

      Your Welcome ~ ^^ L’s username is weird. I wonder if it has any meaning? xD Hahaha tweeting in English? That would be cute.

  3. _sungjonglove says:

    Awww…YEAH!!! Every member is on twitter!! OMG sungjong….you will reveal “EVERYTHING” on twitter, that makes me more excited about the translation!!! ^O^ time to follow them!! ^O^ I just got my infinite album!!!! *spazzing* it’s sooo awesome!!! I’m so happy that my mum allowed me to get it!!! My first album I’ve ever bought!!! ^O^ I’m loving the whole album!!! Hehe thanks for the translations and updates!! ^^ Please reply, infinitydol!!! <333 I still love your replies!! ^^

    • infinitydol says:

      LOL how sweet! (^▽^) Congrats on getting your album!

      • _sungjonglove says:

        Thank you infinitydol!!! <3333 hehe ^^ I wish I did get my album autographed!!! ^^ haha sarangaheyo infinitydol, Infinite & endlesslimits!! <333

  4. _sungjonglove says:

    Edit: Now, all I have to do with the album is go Korea and get it autographed by Infinite!!! XD as if that will happen!!! ==” ohhh well!!! OMG I saw so many albums, and soo many posters for sale, even autographed ones by SuJu and soo many other artistes!!!! ^O^ but the autographed poster were $50 AUD and the album was only $22 AUD!!! big price difference!! Hehe I really want my booklet autographed!!! ==” haha but I’m still spazzing cause I have my Infinite album!! Haha ^^

  5. littlehae says:

    omg! i’m so happy they finally have twitter! :D (iwantshineetohavetwitteraccounts! ):) but─ i’m so glad they have their accounts! now i’m going to stalk them as a good fan. lol
    i really want leader to tweet a lot, i feel like i really want to know him more since we have similar taste in music. ♥
    i want to ask him a lot of things!

  6. kevinfav says:

    i love infinite…saranghae..

    • kevinfav says:

      i am so sad that i dont know how to use twitter even though i have twitter…i really like infinite…for l,,plez take care of yourself..saranghaeyo..

  7. jiah3305 says:

    OMG. some of the accounts posted here are so wrong… please make sure that you’ve checked it properly before claiming that it is indeed confirmed that it’s really the accounts of the members…

  8. 민지 says:

    ㅋㅋㅋ SungJong doesn’t know how to spell ppyong! xD

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