{VID} 100805 MBC Every1 Ghost Hunters

CREDITS: jinchoding2401@ Youtube (Video) ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


4 Comments on “{VID} 100805 MBC Every1 Ghost Hunters”

  1. seonyul1813 says:

    OMG The eye at the beginning scared me!! XD LOL~
    gonna wait for subs in the meantime keukeu~
    and what’s with the cartoon yellow mat? lol~
    i wish i knew what was this about ~~~

    • Hyejin says:

      Ah, well to sum it up, this clip is basically talking about their experiences with ghosts/supernatural things. When Hoya was talking about the mat, he was saying that whoever sleeps there seems to end up in a scissor lock. The part with Woohyun and him acting was that when he was sleeping there, he thought he was asking for help but Woohyun just scoffed and left. The next part was that when Woohyun was practicing, he saw a black thing pass by but when they turned around there was nothing. Also after that, they talked about a room behind the door but there’s no way to go in there from the outside. However, they heard knocks from behind the door. So they thought it to be fans who were knocking on the side of the building, but it was clearly from behind the door. And that’s all they talked about ^^~

  2. KC says:

    OMO just watching it without subs is creepy already…. Imma gonna hide under my blanket now & wait for the subs

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