{VID} 100804 Infinite @ Mnet Star Cam

I was wondering when the full one would come out, but here it is~ :D

CREDITS: TVxHQ @ Youtube ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits


6 Comments on “{VID} 100804 Infinite @ Mnet Star Cam”

  1. _sungjonglove says:

    Awww that was cute, when they were sleeping!! ^^ LOLS woohyun laughing on the ground cause of the toy dog!!! ^_^ gosh who owns the DVD collection!!! O: soo many DVDs!!! ^^ lols this was funny to watch!!! *O* do you mind posting the subbed version of this video if you do find one?? Thank you in advance if you can!! ^_%

  2. _sungjonglove says:

    edit: sorry the last face thing is stuffed up… :( ^_^ ohhh i forgot…OMG the noona that sungyeol was with was unbuttoning his shirt?? *suspicious look* lucky noona’s they get to see their bodies in DETAIL!!! OOO: sungyeol has a tummy, thats soo cute and chubby!!!! <3333 i thought all of them would have abs at least..well maybe not maknae sungjongie since he looks soo skinny LIKE ME!!! ^O^ kyakyakya XD lols then ever since the camera came closer to them…they all started to cover up their bodies even…woohyun ==" I WANNA SEE YOUR ABS WOOHYUNNIE!!!! i think he has abs though…hehe ^^ they're soo super cute and dorky backstage or in their normal life..without their performances etc!!!! OMG i want to see more of Infinite!!! <33333
    Infinite Hwaiting, Endlesslimits Hwaiting!!!! <3333
    heart to heart, Aria and Infinite!!! <333
    SARANGHAEYO Infinite <333

  3. seonyul1813 says:

    LOL the elevator thingy ! 7 of them cant fit so hoya has to go to another elevator alone?! T_____T OMO Lucky stylist noonas they get to change infinite’s clothes up XDDD i like how the “squirtle” picture came out when woohyun was talking but i dunno what he’s talking about – – lol~
    and why is that person doing that to dongwoo? the finger and hand thingy hitting his lower chin? hahaha dongwoo must be tickled.? and they also went to MBLAQ’s room.? MEETING OF THE HANDSOME GUYS XD
    Ohh!! So this was the full video of Infinite and MBLAQ right?? :D
    OMO L without makeup ! his eyes looks small XD
    nice video~ so fun haha

  4. huanghuang says:

    I like the part they visited MBLAQ, MBLAQ so friendly & awesome. HAHAHAHHA, they look like they have alot of fun filming she’s back MV!!!!!!! SO COOL. And what’s with the dog rolling on the floor thing? EVEN THOUGH IDK WHAT THEY’RE SAYING, COZ THERE’S NO SUBS, BUT THIS VIDEO IS NICE AND ENTERTAINING.

  5. Misa says:

    JUST TAKE IT OFF! Why are they so shy when we’ve already seen them taking a bath at the bathhouse?? Silly boys.

  6. littlehae says:

    b’aw, they must be soooo tired! sungyeol sleeping! so cute. ♥
    i love them so much! woohyun can be such a dork! he’s so adorable! (: and sungyeol has a baby face! (:
    maknae’s voice is sooo sweet and i love it! ♥ he looks so squishable! i really want to hug him.
    and L! he can be such a camwhore. LOL i love them all, really. them playing and doing random things… (: adorable!

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