{MISC} 100811 Hoya’s Message to Aria

Hoya is back!!!!!!!!!

To everyone at Aria!!!

Hello, this is Infinite’s! HOYA~!! ^-^

I’m leaving a message for the first time in a while ㅜ

But when I get the time, I come into the cafe to look at files and monitor them, and read how many fan letters I have every day~!! ha ha


Our Aria family has grown to pass 12,000 already!!!!!!

I like it!! ke ke ke ke ke

I hope that it keeps growing quickly!! ke ke ke

Ah! And thank you to the fans who came to support us at the music program last week ^_^

The sounds of support were so loud that all our members felt really touched T__T uhng uhng

Even when we’re singing and dancing on stage, we can see each fan working hard to cheer us on~~~ ha ha

Fans who support us until their voices go hoarse T__T!!!!

You guys are really lovable!!!! I love you!!!! ♥♥♥

Hoya will say Ho! Like this~ I say ~ HO!!! You say YA!!! ke ke

More than anything, to us Infinite, you guys’ loud cheering is the largest motivation and power to us.

I ask that you guys keep doing it from now on !!

Everyone! Now I, Hoya, will go rest for the schedule tomorrow ~!! ke ke

I’m sad but ………..

Bye !!!! Pang!!!

CREDITS : Infinite Aria cafe (SOURCE); ilovepocky@NOLIMITINFINITE.NET (TRANS)


3 Comments on “{MISC} 100811 Hoya’s Message to Aria”

  1. seonyul1813 says:

    Hoya- hilarious
    heheh XD
    “I’m sad but……”
    awww i wonder .. :-/ he still works hard even tho he’s sad..
    but anyway aria is there to cheer him up! :D

  2. arinarinyo says:

    “i say ho, you say ya!”
    omg i love this sentence so much~
    don’t worry hoya, we will always support infinite. .

  3. Jennifer says:

    HAHA every time they perform I’ll scream:
    “I say Ho, you say YA”.
    LOL he is so cute! always caring for the fans ^^
    Thanks for translating this. :)

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