{NEWS} M.E’s Lunch Date with Infinite

Composed of seven members with age ranges from 18 to 22, rookie group Infinite has been generating a lot of interest. They debuted in June with their title song ‘Come Back again’ and received much love due to their synchronized and charismatic choreography. They were also in the reality show ‘You Are My Oppa’ in which the members become brothers to 18 year old female student Yoo Ji-Ae

M.E had the opportunity to have lunch with Infinite prior to their schedule for Music Core sometime in July.

In Seating Order: Sung Yeol, Hoya, Woo Hyun, Sung Gyu, Sung Jong, DongWoo, L

M.E : Hello!~~Please introduce yourself~

Infinite : Hello ! We are the group that will always work hard,Infinite!

What were your parents’ reactions when you decided to become recording artistes?

Sung Gyu: When I first told them about my dream, they rejected it and my mom wanted me to have a normal life. I was disappointed so I practiced in secret and didn’t stay at home. Then I went to audition, got accepted, debuted and now my parents are happy for me.

Dong Woo: Before my (high school) graduation my parent rejected the idea of me joining the entertainment industry but after i graduated, they trusted my intention and my spirit to work hard in this industry.

Sung Jong: Luckily, my parents fully supported my career so i have no problem.

L : They rejected at first but they changed their mind after I pass the company audition and now they are the one who monitor me and give advices to me.

Woo Hyun: My parents was not happy but I work very hard to show them my passion. They have since changed their mind and supported me now.

Hoya : My mom supported me and help me pursue my dream the best that she could. Unfortunately my dad has yet to change his mind.

Sung Yeol: I have family member in the industry so they supported me. But I do not want to rely on their help and want to see how far I can go with my own effort. I did everything on my own from applying to the academy, training, going to audition and now being a member of Infinite.

What was the hard point during your training time?

L : I think learning choreography and dancing is the hardest.

Sung Gyu : Leading the members was the hardest time..hehehe

Woo Hyun : We are always hungry because we had to control our weight and that is very difficult to get used to.

Hoya : And sometimes we practice singing so hard that we will hurt our vocal cords and then we will worry a lot.

Sung Yeol : I personally had a hard time catching up with the other members as I am the latest member to join Infinite so I have to work extra hard on learning everything.

What is it like to live a life as Infinite for a day? What is your normal daily schedule like and what is different about it before and after debut?

Sung Gyu : Before debut we have to spend most of our time going to school, go to company to practice and praying for debut. Now as Infinite we have different shows and schedules to go to everyday and we are very busy even till late night. Any extra time after that we have to use it to practice so we have even lesser sleep nowadays…sigh.

So,if you were given a perfectly free day, what would you want to do the most?

L : I want to eat with my family as I can’t do that so often now

Sung Jong: I miss my family the most so i want to go home.

Dong Woo: I want to help out at our (his family) shop.

Sung Gyu: Family, i would like to spend time with family.

Woo Hyun: I want to go on a date! (Infinite: Oooo! With who?) With my fans  of course ! (Infinite : Waaah!Smart answer!)

Hoya : I will use my free time to practice even harder while they went out to play hehehehee.

Sung Yeol: I want to go to play at amusement park with my friends~

Tell us one secret about the member beside you.

L : (Secret about Dong Woo)  Dong Woo have a weird sleeping habit. He can’t stay still and he snores loudly! He also like to burst those bboks bboks(bubble wraps) before he sleeps and it can get really loud! Even if he stops,when we all fall asleep he will start again.

Dong Woo: (Secret about Sung Jong) Sung Jong is REALLY thin for a guy. (Infinite : How is that a secret?)

Sung Jong: (Secret about Sung Gyu) Hyung have a very sensitive skin and he have allergy to metal.

Sung Gyu: (Secret about Woo Hyun) Woo Hyun’s face can swell very easily so he have to avoid eating sometimes (Woo Hyun : Its been hard~)

Woo Hyun: (Secret about Hoya) He likes to practice till late so he overslept a lot.

Hoya :(Secret about Sung Yeol) He likes young girls. Not elementary school students,but younger women.

Sung Yeol: (Secret about L) L may look delicate but he is actually pretty stubborn and have a temper (at this time L started glaring at Sung Yeol) ..SEE!

Choose one member whose personality is the most different on camera and off camera?

Infinite: Everyone is a little bit different but if we have to choose the one mostobvious  nowadays, it’s Sung Gyu! He have this bright smiley image when is on TV but behind the scene he is actually a very scary leader. He is often angry during practice (especially when we are playing) and makes us work super hard and make us follow his orders.

Coming Next : Part 2


THANKS TO : Woolim Entertainment


One Comment on “{NEWS} M.E’s Lunch Date with Infinite”

  1. seonyul1813 says:

    LOL Woohyun!!
    “Woo Hyun: I want to go on a date! (Infinite: Oooo! With who?) With my fans of course ! (Infinite : Waaah!Smart answer!)”
    I wish i could go with him XD

    I agree with Sungyeol!! L kinda looks like really delicate, but he could be stubborn and have that fierce looking expression XD

    I cant wait for part 2!
    Thank youuu:D

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