{UPDATES} 100814 Various YOZM Updates

Going to start translating these from now on~! But only starting off with the most recent ones, then I’ll translate whatever comes out.

인피니트성열: 공연을 무사히 마치고!! 오늘공연을 성규형 부모님 엘 부모님 성쫑이 부모님학교선생님께서 뵈주셧네요!!! 저희의부모님을 뵈러 고고씽!!!

InfiniteSungyeol: Safely finished performing!! Sunggyu hyung’s parents, L’s parents, Sungjjongie’s parents and his school teacher came to see today’s performance!!! Going to see our parents, gogossing*!!!

+ 8 Under the Cut (Sungyeol, L, Dongwoo, Hoya)

인피니트성열: 어머님들을 뵙고!!! 다시 숙소로올라가구있어용~~!!

InfiniteSungyeol: Met with our mothers!!! Going back up to the dorm now~!!


INFINITELKIM: 군산대박 사랑합니다!!!!!!

INFINITELKIM: Gunsan* is great! I love you!!!!!!!!


infinite동우: 음악!!! 지금은~~~ daftpunk – technology 이노래!!!ㅋㅋㅋ

infiniteDongwoo: Music!!! Right now is~~~ Daftpunk – Technology , this song!!! Kekeke


infinite호야: 내일은 무대를 세번이나 올라가네요 !ㅋㅋ

infiniteHoya: Tomorrow we get to go on stage three times! Keke


infinite호야: 억지로라도 잠을 청해봐야겠어요!!!! 안뇽!!

infiniteHoya: Need to try and go to sleep!!!! Bye!!


infinite호야: 여러분도 얼른 자세요 ! 일찍자고 일찍일어나야 되지요~

infiniteHoya: Everyone hurry and sleep too! You need to sleep early and wake up early~


infinite호야: 지금은 미용실!!ㅎㅎ

infiniteHoya: At the hair salon right now!! Hehe


infinite호야: 이제 머리다하고 스케줄 출발!!ㅋㅋ

infiniteHoya: Finished with hair and now to go to our schedule!! Keke

“*” Things:

Gogossing – Slang term to say something like “going onward, to go forth”.

Gunsan – A city in the North Jeolla Province, South Korea

Lisa (infinitydol) mentioned that the boys used their Yozm accounts more than their Twitters and it seems to be true (except for Sungyeol, who seems to oddly use both a lot). So I decided to translate these! :D

CREDITS: Sungyeol, L, Dongwoo, & Hoya’s Yozms ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

Take out with full credits please!! Full crediting makes you a cool person.


6 Comments on “{UPDATES} 100814 Various YOZM Updates”

  1. captainhoya says:

    Oh my!! Hair salon? LMAO XDD
    I wanna make YOZM, but always failed ><

    Thanks for translating ^^

    • Hyejin says:

      Thank you for commenting!
      To make a YOZM, you need to first have a Daum account~ :D
      Once you do, signing up for a YOZM is really simple.

  2. arinarinyo says:

    lol xD
    hoya goes to hair salon?
    just like captainhoya, i have a problem how to make yozm. .

  3. seonyul1813 says:

    I love how sungyeol tweets!! He always ask fans how they are right now :’3
    Oh dongwoo liks daft punk? me too! XDD
    hoya updates alot~ yay~ but it’s Yozm..
    BTW, I already have Daum account, how do I make a Yozm account.?? >< ~

  4. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t been on YOZM for awhile. O___O
    I should go on just to stalk Infinite lols XD
    I’m surprised that Korean artists know so many American artists.
    I was shocked when I first heard that they knew artists like Daftpunk & Luther Vandross.
    Its awesome that they know them though. I hope Infinite becomes really popular here in the US :D
    Thanks for translating <3

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