{VID} 100808 Infinite on Jung Chan’s Clinic

CREDITS: infinitebeyond7 @ Youtube (Video) ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


3 Comments on “{VID} 100808 Infinite on Jung Chan’s Clinic”

  1. captainhoya says:

    Lol. when the doctor asked “down?”. they answered “onda onda~” which means she’s back XDD

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. seonyul1813 says:

    LOL !! I have no idea what theyre talking about,
    but here’s my theory:
    jung chan thought they were singing “down down down” and infinite answered, “no, it’s onda onda onda” LOL~
    OMG And did sungjong said “I’m a girl” ?!?! XDDD DAEBAK!! XDD
    And Jungchan said “Im a girl too!” XDDD LOL !!
    Sungjong went, “Nice to meet u unnie!” XDDD
    I wish i knew what theyre laughing about, no need to sum it up tho ^^
    but anyway thanks for sharing ^^~

  3. Jennifer says:

    Every time I hear She’s Back I always think they say “Down Down Down” even though I know they don’t say that.
    I always hear “Down” though XD
    But whatever, they are sooo cute! ^^

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