{UPDATES} 100815 Twitter & YOZM Updates

인증샷!! 문화생활나들이 오랜만에 영화보니깐 너무재밌어요 ㅠ! 즐거운하루~~ 다들즐거운하루보내셧죠?!

Seongyeol1991: Proof picture!!! Been awhile since we enjoyed a civil life by watching movies ㅠ! Fun day~~ Everyone spent a fun day, right?! (About 1 hour ago)

+ L & Hoya Under the Cut

EDIT (2:52 PM EST): Added an extra tweet & Yozm from Hoya

INFINITELKIM: 인피니트 영화 보다 (About 1 hour ago)

INFINITELKIM: Infinite sees a movie


hoya1991: 아 잠이 줄었나봐요!ㅠㅡㅠ 새벽에 잠이안와……. (17 minutes ago)

hoya1991: Ah, my sleep must’ve been shortened! ㅠ-ㅠ Can’t seem to sleep when it’s dawn…….



infinite호야: 영화보고왔어요~!ㅎ

infiniteHoya: Went to see a movie~! Heh

INFINITELKIM: 영화보고왔어요~ 여러분은 어떤여가생활을 즐기시나요~?

INFINITELKIM: Went to see a movie~ What does everyone do in their free time for fun~?


infinite호야: 이제 잘시간!!!! 안녕!!

infiniteHoya: Time to sleep!!!! Bye!!

CREDITS: Sungyeol + L’s Twitter; L + Hoya’s YOZM ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


6 Comments on “{UPDATES} 100815 Twitter & YOZM Updates”

  1. littlehae says:

    i’m glad they are having fun! :D and hai thur, sunghyun! ♥ my love/hate couple. lol i love them so much.
    and L looks like… always. lol i love his expression. :) i want to go to the movies and be with them!

  2. captainhoya says:

    they looks so happy~
    and as usual, L’s tweet was plain. without any emoticons :p
    i hope they can mooore active on twitter.

    thanks for translating :)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Awh how cute! ^^
    Glad to see that they are having some fun aside from their schedules.
    Sungyeol & Woohyun are so adorkable lol <3

  4. byeol says:

    what does everyone do during free time? slack and slack more. HEHEE. L is adorbs for asking that question and that picture! omg. sungyeol good boy tweet more with pictures <33 they look so fresh in black. so dorky ( their poses ) if i may add! XD

  5. seonyul1813 says:

    Hahha here’s comes WooYeol couple!! XD
    L looks like he’s emotionless~ XD no smileys and punctuations?! LOL
    im glad hoya likes to update alot :D

  6. arinarinyo says:

    L always be the ‘outsider’ with his pose, soooo handsome. .
    well, i'm happy seeing them have fun in twitter and yozm. .
    too bad i don't have yozm. .

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