{UPDATES} 100815 Sungyeol’s YOZM Update

인피니트성열: 인기가요 대기실에 더미누나가 오셧다!!!

InfiniteSungyeol: Deomi noona* came to Inkigayo’s waiting room!!!

“*” Things:

Noona: A term that males use towards older females.

CREDITS: Sungyeol’s YOZM ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

Not sure who Deomi is but he has her friended on YOZM.


5 Comments on “{UPDATES} 100815 Sungyeol’s YOZM Update”

  1. captainhoya says:

    Deomi noona?? who’s that? o.O
    he invited her to inkigayo waiting room?? omooo~

    thanks for translating :)

  2. byeol says:

    O_____O wonder who is this deomi noona he speaks of.
    must be someone important~ and to be able to go to their waiting room?! LUCCCKKKYYYY D8 ty for translation~

  3. Jennifer says:

    Deomi noona? weird~
    I wonder who it is? /ninjamode/ 8D
    Thanks for translating this!<3

  4. seonyul1813 says:

    O_O Whoever is that Deomi noona she’s lucky XD
    i wonder who is she…. >< ~~
    thanks for translations anyway~

  5. arinarinyo says:

    deomi nuna?
    agjptajwkamdgajgtg whoever she is, i envy her~

    btw, thanks for the translation. . :)

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