{PICS} 100815 Inkigayo Backstage

CREDITS: fyeahinfinite @ Tumblr; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


6 Comments on “{PICS} 100815 Inkigayo Backstage”

  1. byeol says:

    What are they watching? they are all :O :D
    gosh i really like that hairstyle on woohyun. he looks gooood. L and his peace sign! Hehe cute but what is that UFO temporary tattoo doing on his hand. is he from UFO? aha /lame/

  2. seonyul1813 says:

    Kyyaa! I love L’s wink! *dies* who’s that guy behind L ? lol never mind him~ XD
    woohyun’s eyes are undescribably cute! ><

  3. captainhoya says:

    what are they watching eh?? so serious~ hoya is the most serious i think :p
    is that a tattoo on L’s hand?? kkk~ stop winking L!! :p

  4. arinarinyo says:

    what are they watching?
    *same question just like the others* xD
    aaaaiish~ i wanna pinch woohyun’s cheeks. . <3
    yeah L's wink is daebak!! :D

  5. littlehae says:

    OMG! NO SUNGJONG!? that’s weird. lol
    for he’s always there, taking pictures… he’s a camwhore after all. ♥ and i love that kid. xD
    ah! myungsoo! ♥ adorable! :D

  6. Jennifer says:

    Awh, why so serious here? :P
    Haha, its weird to see them so serious XD
    Is that… a tattoo of a UFO on L’s arm? o.O
    LOOL they are too cute♥!

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