{VID} Infinite Super Star K 2 CF

CREDITS: Infinite7Love @ Youtube (Video) ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


4 Comments on “{VID} Infinite Super Star K 2 CF”

  1. littlehae says:

    i need more of these! ♥ myungsoo’s voice sounds soooo cute in here. (:
    and leader looks adorable behind him. lol ♥ (i can’t believe he’s my age. lol)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I had no idea they did this CF O: /slow
    Its so adorable though! :D
    They should do millions more in the future ^^
    Thanks for sharing♥!

  3. byeol says:

    Infinite is popular in daum i see. i’m glad they got one of their wishes fulfilled! hopefully they will be doing more CF as time goes~ :D

  4. is it just me but if Infinite made a CF, the color seems old…… how do i explain it eiy………

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