{UPDATES} 100817 Twitter & YOZM Updates

I will keep updating this post for 100817 tweets and Yozms, so make sure to check back!

+ All messages under the cut


hoya1991: 나도 예능 잘하고 싶다……ㅜ

hoya1991: I want to do good in entertaining (variety shows) too……ㅜ



infinite호야: 바빠서 방청소를 못했더니…너무 더러워져있어요 ㅜㅋㅋㅋ어떻게 정리하죠?ㅋㅋ

infiniteHoya: Since we were busy and couldn’t clean our room… It became really dirty ㅜ Kekeke How should I clean it? Keke


3 Comments on “{UPDATES} 100817 Twitter & YOZM Updates”

  1. captainhoya says:

    hoya updated again! but i’m not onlining when he updated his twitter (again) T,T
    i wonder how’s their room xD

    thanks for translating :)

  2. littlehae says:

    i’m glad Hoya is updating more! ♥ and poor him. ): but i don’t think the room is that dirty. lol
    and i know he will do fine in any show! :D he’s adorable. ♥

  3. Jennifer says:

    Haha XD
    Infinite should do like a tour of their apartment or something.
    I’m sure all fans are curious as to what it looks like XD

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