{NEWS} 100817 Hwang Jungeum transforms into Infinite’s fashion avatar controller

Actress Hwang Jungeum became the fashion avatar controller of idol group Infinite.
On the MBC Every1 real fashion variety show ‘Hwang Jungeum’s Ultra Fashion’, Hwang Jungeum is attempting to become a fashion designer. To test her fashion sense, a corner was created called ‘Fashion Avatar Meeting’, and she personally styled Infinite members L and WooHyun.

For this episode of ‘Hwang Jungeum’s Ultra Fashion’, to be aired on the 24th at 6PM, Hwang Jungeum remembered the cute but clean image that WooHyun and L have and chose dandy-styled items to match with them. L and WooHyun are said to have shown satisfaction with the outfits that Hwang Jungeum chose for them.

Infinite’s stylist is also said to not have wasted praise for Hwang Jungeum’s styling.

Hwang Jungeum didn’t just style the Infinite members. They became avatars, and she was their controller as she attempted to move the minds of the meeting girls. At the end, the girls chose the Infinite members, showing their success at the meeting.

The meeting girls also gave continuous praise for L and WooHyun’s style, accepting Hwang Jungeum as the perfect fashion avatar controller.

When Infinite first appeared and sang and danced to ‘Come Back Again’, Hwang Jungeum in return sang the hit song ‘Shine’ from her days in Sugar and did the choreography perfectly, making the atmosphere of the filming go up.



One Comment on “{NEWS} 100817 Hwang Jungeum transforms into Infinite’s fashion avatar controller”

  1. byeol says:

    i’m looking forward to these! two of my biases are going to be dressed up. i bet they look great in those outfits. just can’t wait to see it ><! thanks for sharing :D

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