{NEWS} 100817 Infinite Lee SungYeol’s baby belly fat revealed

Idol group Infinite’s Lee SungYeol revealed his cute belly fat through a photoshoot with CJ Premium TV Magazine Hellotv.

In the photo, Lee SungYeol’s baby-like soft belly fat was unintentionally captured through his sitting pose.

These days, in which six-packs have become the basic, Lee SungYeol’s cute belly fat has been receiving a lot of love from netizens, as they say that it shows his human side and has the fresh, young feeling of a boy who has just turned twenty.

Because Lee SungYeol has the character of being ‘like an elementary-schooler’, fans who saw the photoshoot and his belly fat said that it made him look even more lovable.

Lee SungYeol’s belly fat, as well as Infinite’s honest interview, can be seen in the August issue of CJ Premium TV Magazine Hellotv.



3 Comments on “{NEWS} 100817 Infinite Lee SungYeol’s baby belly fat revealed”

  1. Jennifer says:

    The photoshoot concept is pretty strange o.O
    But I agree. Sungyeol’s baby fat is adorable!
    Everyone nowadays is so set on having abs, its getting kinda annoying.
    This is a change for once. Hope he doesn’t lose it too quickly ^^

  2. byeol says:

    Usually, I wouldn’t like seeing belly fat on guys but sungyeol being sungyeol is acceptable o___o having abs is a plus of course. i can’t imagine babycheeks sungyeol having abs lol. not just yet~ :p

  3. lee yeon ra says:

    it’s ok seeing sungyeol with fat belly. but i would appreciate or the people would appreciate more if he starts working out right? :D no offense sungyeol :D

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