{MISC} NoLimitInfinite Exclusive

CREDITS: nolimitinfinite.net ; Inzpire.ME ; KLIK


5 Comments on “{MISC} NoLimitInfinite Exclusive”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I cracked up when I read L’s response to the 2nd question. Dongwoo’s the member with the slowest reaction LOL XD
    Its cute how most of the members picked transporting as their superpower! :P
    Although with Woohyun’s answer… can you heal injuries with psychic powers? o.O
    Lol. I didn’t know that XD

  2. littlehae says:

    LOL i love them for doing this! they were really kind! (: ♥
    and yay for sungjong and the last question! i hope they do so! at least US, that way i can travel there… or that’s what i hope. lol
    and lol, most of them want to be able to transport. i want to fly. ): totally random. lol

  3. so They know bout NoLimitInfinite Forum!!!! xD!!!!!

  4. lee yeon ra says:

    how nice of them :D

  5. huanghuang says:

    HAHAHAH:) So sweet!!! I wanna see them too!

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