{VIDS} 100819 Infinite Cuts @ M Rookies

+ Talk Part 2, She’s Back, & Ending Under the Cut

CREDITS: Infinite7Love @ Youtube ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits


3 Comments on “{VIDS} 100819 Infinite Cuts @ M Rookies”

  1. I hope there is a subbed video of this one. T_T

    Anyway its nice to see them on interview.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Cute as usual :3
    Can’t wait till someone subs this, they will be even cuter then XD

  3. byeol says:

    Hopefully this will be subbed soon~ I want to know what they said! The one where each member has to do something seems interesting >w<; maknae and L winking had me dying a little inside. they have their own style of winking lol! :p

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