{MOD} Final Day of Giveaway + New Staff

Hello! This is Hyejin and I’ve come to tell you that today is the final day of the giveaway!

Try and get in all your comments today! We’re happy that this giveaway went so well because now we have more loyal commenters, so we thank you for that.

And also, please welcome our newest staff member, quitoxication! She has taken up the position as a graphic artist on Endless Limits, so congratulate her for that!

Make sure to visit tomorrow for we will be revealing the winner!


7 Comments on “{MOD} Final Day of Giveaway + New Staff”

  1. Misa says:

    quitoxication, congrats on getting the position! looking forward to your work~

    I seriously stalk this site @_@ and I’m so happy it’s growing so fast :D

  2. DLJ says:

    Thank you guys! And your verry welcome.<3
    And yeeee! Welcome quitoxication!!! Hwaiting!!!!
    ohh.im so nervous about tomorrow…*good luck to everyone.god bless*

  3. jhane says:

    welcome to you! and more power to endless limits!:))

    thanks for this contest. excited for the announcement!:))

  4. Jennifer says:

    Congrats to quitoxication for becoming part of the staff! :D ♥
    And thanks you guys for holding this contest! I’m glad your getting more loyal commenter’s.. I now ninja this site all the time. Love it here XD
    Thanks again guys, your awesome!♥ ^^

  5. arinarinyo says:

    welcome quitoxication~
    congratz for being a part of endless limits. . :)

    oh btw, thanks for making this giveaway contest. . :D

  6. infinitydol says:

    welcome quitoxication! good luck everyone! ^^

  7. seonyul1813 says:

    Congratulations quitoxication!! I know you’ll do great in endlesslimits ! ^^ hwaiting!

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