{NEWS} 100820 ‘Fighter club’ Infinite shows manliness at a junkyard

Idol group Infinite showed off their hidden abs through a new photoshoot, radiating manliness.

According to Woolim Entertainment on the 20th, Infinite completed their photoshoot for Ceci’s September issue on August 3rd.

For this photoshoot, everything was carried out in a junkyard. Different from their usual image, Infinite showed a mature and unpolished image, and the focus was to show each member’s individual charm.

The concept was Infinite’s fighter club, carrying the meaning that Infinite is beginning the fight and attempt to be noticed by the masses.

A company representative state, “The Infinite members wanted to show a different image and even revealed their abs that they had been hiding until now. They were praised by the staff for their passion during the photoshoot.”

Meanwhile, they have gained popularity with their title track ‘Come Back Again’ and is currently promoting their follow-up song ‘She’s Back’.



5 Comments on “{NEWS} 100820 ‘Fighter club’ Infinite shows manliness at a junkyard”

  1. arinarinyo says:

    fighter concept or the concept they usually do, they will always look adorable. . <3

    thanks for sharing. . :)

  2. captainhoya says:

    the other side of infinite w/ their hidden abs~ dongwoo n sunggyu really looks like a fighter while sungjong looks like cute fighter. LOL XD

    thanks for sharing~

  3. lee yeon ra says:

    they look cool in this photo :D

  4. shya says:

    wooooh i totally love this concept! boys lookin all rugged and MANLY~ but lol sadly myungsoo didnt show any skin hahahs. shall wait for him to grow a toned body first woooh~

  5. byeol says:

    sungjong seems out of place ;~; woohyun definitely is working it! he suits these whole fighter club concept. it’s nice they want to show a different image from their usuals~ thanks for sharing~

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