{UPDATES} Woollim Ent. Boss Twitter Update ; 100820 L & Sungyeol

제 트윗팔로우하시는 분을위한 특별선물 투척!! 성열&명수

A special present for people who follow my tweets!! Sungyeol & Myungsoo

CREDITS: starmakerljy @ Twitter ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits ; Hyejin (Translations)


10 Comments on “{UPDATES} Woollim Ent. Boss Twitter Update ; 100820 L & Sungyeol”

  1. Misa says:

    a;skldfj;alskf AWWW! Too cute *dead*
    Wai so serious, L?

  2. Jennifer says:

    OMG this is super cuteee! :D
    Maybe I should start following him now if he’s gonna tweet stuff like this XD

  3. captainhoya says:

    OMG! Cute!
    special present without any wrap or ribbon. i love it!
    MyungYeol :p

    thanks for sharing :D

  4. Kamilla says:

    Time to follow the Woollim Ent. Boss.
    I had no idea he had a twitter, thanks. o_o

    SungYeol and Myungsoo look so cute here. :D

  5. littlehae says:

    b’aw! myungsoo looks so cute with that frown! ♥ feels like he’s saying: let me sleep!
    sungyeol, you’re cute. lol ♥ baby cheeks! baby face. :)

  6. byeol says:

    Omg! So so so cute! Both of them are my top bias ♥ so glad Woollim boss gave us this special present haha. myungsoo’s pout and sungyeol’s serious face @__@ Lol. is that a radish soft toy sungyeol’s holding? d’aaw ♥

  7. lee yeon ra says:

    BOTH OF MY BIAS IN ONE PHOTO!!! ♥ This is all thanks to their boss :D Sungyeol!!! THanks for sharing this article :D

  8. shya says:

    lmao speshul present indeed! i wish the boys would be more active on twitter! i spazz everytime L tweets! and my two biases in a picture woooh<33

  9. ilovemyfish says:

    my friend showed me this and i was like OMG! looks like they are getting ready to sleeep! i wanna see the other boys’ too looking all natural and fresh without makeup!

  10. wooo boss is so kind and jjang~ hehehehehe.

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