{PICS} Fantaken ; 100820 Tomorrow Festival

+10 under cut

CREDITS: as tagged ; Aria Fan Cafe ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


6 Comments on “{PICS} Fantaken ; 100820 Tomorrow Festival”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wah~! they look so hot when they’re sweating o___o
    Is that Kenya winking? lols sooo cute <3
    Leader's facial expressions are always weird when he is singing LOL
    Leader ftw XD

  2. arinarinyo says:

    myungsoo’s pose in the 4th pic reminds me of someone in kpop world but i forgot who he is. .

    thanks for sharing these pics. . :)

  3. lee yeon ra says:

    thanks for sharing this. even though i am not there i can still feel the love of infinite :D

  4. shya says:

    omg i finally found myungsoo bb shots!! thankyou for these! him doing peace signs and lookin all unf! <33 i love hq shots!

  5. ilovemyfish says:

    i like the jersey-like-jcket on woohyun! i want one like that too! and sunggyu look good in his coloured hair and sideview!

  6. byeol says:

    L has such a beautiful face to look at. I don’t seem to get tired of L’s peace sign and dongwoo’s wink. cute, aren’t they! c:
    i didn’t expect these pictures to be big :O wow. keke… sungyeol’s nose flare is cute 8D thanks for sharing!

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