{PICS} September Issue Ceci Magazine Scans of Infinite

CREDITS: As tagged; rosy @ NLi


10 Comments on “{PICS} September Issue Ceci Magazine Scans of Infinite”

  1. arinarinyo says:

    lol xD
    yeay bad boys concept! <3
    sunggyu and dongwoo are topless there. . *o*
    aww i want to read the article, too bad i can't find ceci magz in my country. . T.T

  2. to7a-chan says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaah *dies*
    they look HOT !!! like really really !!
    but i want more hoya T^T

  3. Whoooahh!! I want more!!! xD

    Nekkid DongWoo is still my fave. I want to hug the photographer! He did a nice job!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I so LOVE these scans!
    OMG hyperventilating. DDDD:
    Woohyun kinda reminds me if Jinon in that first pic though XD
    Thanks for sharing!<3 ^^

  5. littlehae says:

    i don’t really like the pictures but myungsoo looks SO good!
    and sungjong looks adorable trying to be a bad guy. ♥
    and sungyeol… aw, baby face. he’s too cute! (:
    going to read the interview now! thanks! :D

  6. _sungjonglove says:

    I wished they released all the pics!!! I don’t like scans…awww so hot!!! ^^

  7. byeol says:

    HQ Scans are love! L is looking so fine gosh <3
    Sungyeol's baby cheeks are lovable. Hoya reminds me of dragonball ide :p
    thanks for sharing!

  8. lee yeon ra says:

    OMG!! HQ scans!! and OMG!! my SUngyeol is so HOT ♥

  9. ilovemyfish says:

    omg they all look super duper hot! all bad-boy concept! i wish there’s moreeee of the pictures! solo shots of each member!

  10. hotness overload omgomgomg. thanks for sharingggg. ^^

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