{VID} Infinite – Want You Introduction

CREDITS: ifnt7.com ; jinchoding2410 @ Youtube (Video) ; infinitydol @ Endless Limtis


8 Comments on “{VID} Infinite – Want You Introduction”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Okay I had no idea what they were saying lol
    But whatever, they’re adorable to look at XD
    Their hand gestures are so cute, they looked like little kida, being all excited and everything. Love them ^^

  2. 2NE1_4lyf says:

    Waw so cute !! <3333

  3. arinarinyo says:

    they look umm childish? O.o
    it’s cute though, kkkk~ <3
    infinite jjang!

    thanks. . :)

  4. littlehae says:

    dorks. lol idek what they are saying, but they are always so high and happy! and sungjong always moving and making hand gestures, same with myungsoo. i love those camwhores. ♥
    and i spy wooyeol! \O/ ♥

  5. byeol says:

    Adorbs ♥ Sungyeol is always making those gestures – -; not that it’s a bad thing but… bleh. :p they are always so enthuasiastic i love it!

  6. ilovemyfish says:

    lol they are soooo cute! with their poses and hand movements!!
    but i dont know what they are saying!): someone can translate?):

  7. huanghuang says:

    Can someone translate i wanna know what they’re talking. HAHAHA, Dongwoo is so cute!!! I like the way sungjong and L does small little actions too. INFINTIE JJANG<3 \m/

    • Hyejin says:

      They’re talking about doing an event where they’ll make your wishes come true. Just small wishes you want from them and they’ll do it. ^^ And then Sungyeol asked if he could do it, since he wanted a wish. That’s overall what they’re talking about.

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