{MISC} Photoshop ; Infinite’s Generation (SNSD)

LOL! L, Sungyeol, Sungjong, and Dongwoo doesn’t look too bad. xD

CREDITS: Aria Fan Cafe ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


3 Comments on “{MISC} Photoshop ; Infinite’s Generation (SNSD)”

  1. Mil says:

    OMG WTFFF lol!!!! This is so awesome yet weird and funny!! lmfao!!
    The wonders of photoshop…

  2. _sungjonglove says:

    Fans these days!!! LOLS gosh, even I don’t do this kind of stuff!!! ^^ I don’t even wanna try cause of this!!! Lols I remember the L Generation last time…ewww that looked BAD!!! Haha ^^

  3. sungyeol_love says:

    it looks weird in many ways ü

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