Updates – Last Updated: 121106

  • Endless Limits is back up and running! We have a new theme, as well as new authors and graphic artists, check out the About page!
  • If a raw video is posted before the subbed version comes out, the same post will be updated with the subbed version. There will be no additional posts. Our Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/_endlesslimits) will be updated when a subbed version replaces a raw one.
  • We are in need of AUTHORS. Head over to https://endlesslimits.wordpress.com/recruiting/ to fill out an application! :) Looking forward to work with you~
  • The Infinite page has been updated with MV links and discography.
  • When taking out posts, please take out with full credits!

5 Comments on “Updates – Last Updated: 121106”

  1. Rubyfur says:

    Does it matter if I don’t have much experience? ><

    • stuffedbunny says:

      It depends on the position~
      – If you’re applying for graphic artist, just be able to make some really kick butt graphics :D
      – If you’re applying for author, it’s recommended to have experience, but not needed (but it helps)! As long as you’re willing & have creativity, everything’s fine~

      Hope that helps!

  2. Jarvey says:

    What does an author do in this site?
    I think I am interested in the position, and I believe I can write good articles. :))

  3. pianomelody says:

    Hiii I dunno where to post this question, but i just stumbled down here to ask..
    do u have any tutorials on how to sign up in infinite’s cafe?? i have a daum account, but i dunno the answers to the quiz to signup their cafe. T____T please help me~!


  4. “Updates – Last Updated: 121106 Endless Limits” was indeed a very good read and therefore I was in fact very content
    to find the blog post. Thanks,Hester

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