{UPDATES} Woohyun& Hoya’s Best Fly UFOTown Replies

Make sure to check our Tumblr because we have moved all Twitter, Yozm, UFOTown updates to there. From now on, none of those will be posted in here.

Our Tumblr

+ Woohyun’s Under the Cut (And a note)

CREDITS: Murisu.com ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Will be x-posted; crazeecores @ Over Zero)

Note: We’ve been noticing that there is a notable decrease of comments since the giveaway has ended. Everyone probably commented because of the giveaway but it gave all of us strength to update quicker. It’s harder for us now that it seems everyone has stopped commenting. If you don’t mind, even one comment can make us happy because it takes time for us to find these articles and translate, post, etc. Thank you.


3 Comments on “{UPDATES} Woohyun& Hoya’s Best Fly UFOTown Replies”

  1. to7a-chan says:

    waaaah i love hoya to , i want hoya to say that he loves me T^T
    woohyun replays are so sweet
    ” thinking about me ? ~ n.n ”
    thanx for sharing =)
    u guys r the best ~ !!

  2. Christine says:

    I loved Hoya’a responses! They’re so cute! And to the staff of this website, Thank you for updating this blog, and spending your time on it! I support and love you guys! Thank you again!

  3. _sungjonglove says:

    Thanks for the updates!!! I’ll make sure to comment more, cause I’m really busy with school!!! TT___TT” but Infinite keeps me active and happy!!! ^^ saranghaeyo <3

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