{INTERVIEW}100831 Extended Interview with Bugs

They were interviewed back when the small segments were put on Twitter but the entire interview was uploaded today!

+ Entire Interview Under the Cut

Idol, idol, idol. For those who are tired of the idol flood we introduce an idol again. Despite that, this idol is a bit different. When you see them, you get happy and smiles appear. Just like their name, it seems like the smiles extend infinitely. In their recent follow up song, ‘She’s Back’, they brought back a fresh ocean breeze; the 7 males, Infinite.

Infinite are newcomer idols who introduced their faces a couple of months ago on a cable show “Infinite! You Are My Oppa”. Even though it hasn’t been long since they debuted, as they see themselves slowly running towards their dreams, they yell ‘fighting’. Maybe it’s because of that, but the fact that their music is pretty good and they have skills, are spreading throughout fans. Receiving their energy, Bugs family, let’s all gain strength in this hot summer. Bugs met up with Infinite, the 7 colors who each have their own strong skill and give off a fresh charm. Listen to their ambitious stories using all of your ear strength….

Q. Hello Infinite, please introduce each member to the Bugs family.

A. L : Hello, I’m Infinite’s L.

Dongwoo: Wild eyes, I’m the main rapper Dongwoo.

Sunggyu: I’m the leader, Sunggyu.

Hoya: Hello, I’m Infinite’s Hoya.

Sungyeol: Hello, I’m Sungyeol.

Woohyun: I’m Infinite’s nuclear weapon, charming voice Woohyun.

Sungjong: Hello, I’m Infinite’s youngest, Sungjong.

Q. Please give us a simple introduction for your new song, “She’s Back”.

A. Sunggyu: Yes for “She’s Back”, it’s a fresh and fun dance song that fits perfectly with the hot summer. If we showed a strong, manly side in “Come Back Again”, then in “She’s Back”, you can see a fresh side of us. We’ll do our hardest!

Q. When we saw the “She’s Back” music video, it was really cheerful and lively, but how was the filming?

A. L: I think we did it like we were playing. We filmed at Jungdongjin, but we enjoyed it so much that we couldn’t feel it was a music video filming.

Sunggyu: It was like we came on vacation.

Woohyun: We haven’t been able to go on a vacation. Using the music video filming as an excuse, we enjoyed something close to a vacation.

Q. So you couldn’t go on a vacation. If you could go on a vacation now?

A. Sungjong: I want to go to my family’s embrace.

Dongwoo: It’s a good phrase.

L: For the last fan signing we went to Busan, and we went by Haeundae for a second. Haeundae was really nice. I really want to go back to Haeundae at least once.

Sungyeol: An amusement park~

Q. You went to see a movie together a couple of days ago, right? We saw it on Twitter. 

A. Sunggyu: It wasn’t our first time, we’ve gone frequently, but I think it’s our first time after debut. We used to go a lot before (You don’t have a lot of time to watch a movie, right?)

Woohyun: Even if we want to watch it, we can’t because there’s no time.

Q. You debuted through the recording of  “Infinite! You Are My Oppa”, but do you still stay in contact with the girl who was in it?

A. Sunggyu: We contact her occasionally, L contacts her the most.

L: Just something like how she’s doing…If she’s living fine…

Woohyun: Whispers love too. Do you love her?

L: I love her as a younger sibling. Everyone contacts her too.

Sunggyu: We text and occasionally call, and Jihye supports us a lot and monitors us. We’re really thankful, and if there’s time, we want to eat a meal with her.

Q. Have you realized a bit that you’ve debuted?

A. L: I’ve been realizing it a lot recently, we can’t sleep a bit. After debuting, we go onto a lot of various programs, there are many things we need to prepare and many things we want to show. I think there are more things to practice now compared to pre-debut. And also, we watch monitor ourselves and can’t sleep because of that too. I notice that a lot.

Dongwoo: Our decreasing weight, decreasing sleep. I notice those a lot. And as we’re active, I think the fans’ shouts are increasing.

Sunggyu: I went to Junju a couple of weeks ago. Junju is my hometown, and after performing there, I was allowed to see my mother. If I hadn’t debuted, I would have a lot of time and could see her plenty. I can’t do it because I’m busy. When I talk on the phone with my mother, it didn’t think like this a while ago but it really seems like you’ve become a celebrity. She said that. There’s definitely a restriction to time after debuting, that’s what I felt.

Hoya: Yes, while we were active with the title song, I was distracted so I didn’t realize it, but after being active with our follow up song, I began to realize it a lot.

Sungjong: Because there are performances, we can’t see our parents even if we want to seem them a lot, even though I want to talk longer with my mom, I can’t do it so I regret it. I then feel that there’s a restriction.

Woohyun: I still haven’t been able to realize it, and I will work harder to feel the realization.

Dongwoo: He doesn’t seem to have any senses.

Woohyun: Besides music broadcasts, I still haven’t been able to realize it and going back and forth with our busy schedules, I try to think what I did 2 days ago but then I can’t think of it.

Woohyun: That’s having bad memory.

Dongwoo: Write in a journal at that time.

(Do you write in a journal?)

Dongwoo: Yes. I write when I want to. I write a lot of my own stories. Write a lot of stories about schedules. What I did, what I did, something like that.

L: He writes his daily tasks down. What time I did this and did this.

Dongwoo: How do you know about my journal so well? I never showed you it before.

(Ah, you did a performance with Jang Yoonjung-sshi on Inkigayo yesterday. Are you usually friendly with Jang Yoonjung-sshi?)

Woohyun: We became friends yesterday. We quickly became friends yesterday. It was close to intrusion. No matter what, it’s still 7 members.

Sunggyu: We didn’t go on together, Rainbow seniors went on first.

Q. How was Tablo and Mithra’s working?

A. Dongwoo: In reality, they helped with the rap making. They also directed when we recorded. It came out well because they made it comfortable, they grasped us well. They grasped a voice direction, pronunciation, and thought a lot about our direction.

(Have you always wanted to be a singer? Something like. I want to ask the reason why you thought you had to sing or dance.)

L: For me, I had more interest towards being an entertainer rather than a singer. I saw Craig David’s performance before, and singers seemed to have their own type of performance. So after seeing that, I decided to become a singer and I looked into this and that to get ready, and from then on, I created a dream of being a singer.

Dongwoo: There was a time I went on stage in my first year of high school for dancing, choreography. The team after me were people who sang. It was the first time I felt emotions from a song. I thought I could agree with others in not only dancing but singing, so from then on, I started my dream of becoming a singer.

Sunggyu: I was in a school band when I was in school, and I really liked Nell seniors, who are in our company. After seeing their lives, I thought that I wanted to be like that too. I had a thought of graduating school, not going to college and just living my whole life, singing. So that’s why I took an audition and became a singer.

Hoya: In elementary school, I thought I needed to do dancing and singing while watching television, I think it was in high school when I started preparing for real.

Sungyeol: I had originally prepared to become an actor. But while acting, there was a chance where I got to sing on stage.  After singing, I felt a different charm. So from then on, I started preparing to become a singer. ]

Woohyun: I felt it ever since I was born. My job is to be a singer. I need to sing while dancing, is what I thought.

Sungjong: When I was in middle school, I somehow danced for a festival.  I still remember the feel I had on stage when I danced. I’m so comfortable and I have fun when I’m on stage. From then on, I created my dream.

Q. If you weren’t a singer, what do you think you would have done?

A. L: For me, photography. I think I would’ve became a photographer. Although I don’t have a professional camera…

Dongwoo: Because I have an interest in dance and jazz, I think I would’ve become a dancer.

Sunggyu: I’ve never thought of anything else but being a singer.

Sungyeol: Someone who has no job!

Sunggyu: Just like what Sungyeol said, if I didn’t become a singer, I would really be someone without a job.

Hoya: If I didn’t become a singer, I would’ve been a dancer. I liked dancing ever since I was young.

Sungyeol: I think I would become a repeater of the Department of Theater and Film.

Woohyun: I would’ve become an athlete or a chef. Soccer player, because I had a lot of interest in sports. Wouldn’t I have become an athlete.

(You said you wanted to become a singer ever since you were born.)

Woohyun: Ah, there’s nothing. I’ve wanted to become a singer ever since I was born.

Sungjong: I have an interest towards art. I wonder if I would have gone towards art. An artist or an art teacher.

Q. Isn’t it uncomfortable to have 7 people use the dorm?

A. Sunggyu: No, it was uncomfortable prior to our debut. It’s always been uncomfortable. We should be used to it, but it’s sort of hard to easily get used to the uncomfortableness. Let us move.

L: We have 12 people living in our dorm. We clearly shower for 10 minutes, but it takes an hour and a half.

(Sunggyu-sshi, you’re the only one who was born in the 80’s. It must be tired taking care of your dongsaengs.)

Sunggyu: It’s really tiring. I’m almost always tired. It’s a joke. Because we have a lot of family members, I feel sorry that I cannot take care of our dongsaengs. Rather than being tired, I think I’m sorry. I feel like I haven’t done a lot as a hyung role.

Dongwoo: When I see it, each of have too much of our own personality, so it’s hard to clump us together.

Woohyun: We do fine on our own.

Dongwoo: Could it be true?

L: Sunggyu hyung holds us up a lot. Because he’s the leader, he holds us up well, and gives us a lot of advice.

Sunggyu: Because we live together, we use the same room, and it seems like even though there’s not a role like this in middle, the members seem to talk it out and a lot of it gets fixed. There aren’t a lot of spaces that I need to fit into. Because we know each other’s personalities.

Sungjong: I think we understand as we converse with each other.

Q. Sungyeol-sshi, it’s almost your birthday, any birthday plans?

A. Sungyeol: I think we’ll keep practicing. We have a performance the next day. Schedule. The performance is the gift. I’m a real musician.

Q. You use Twitter a lot right? Seems like you find it fun. 

A. Sunggyu: He gets a lot of responses on things he writes. Maybe he enjoys that.

L: The movie theater picture was also uploaded by Sungyeol-sshi.

(And compared to that, Sungjong-sshi has only written one.)

Sungjong: My notebook is broken right now. I’m going to do it a lot in the future.

L: We’re learning a lot (about Twitter).

Q. Sungjong-sshi, your Saebakwi recording was quite… A slight concept? Do you have a rival sense with Jo Kwon-sshi?

A. Sungjong: It’s not that I don’t have it, but I have a bit of it. But since he’s really good at it, will it compare?

Woohyun: It can’t. Sungjong has his own charm.

Sungjong: I didn’t have any plans to lay on the table at first.

Woohyun: It was because he was tired. You said you filmed for a really long time.

Sungjong: I was drunk on my feel.

Q. A lot of idols are coming out and in this year and next year, idols will keep coming out. What kind of future will Infinite have with them?

A. Our name, Infinite, means ‘limitless’. We never put a restriction on our possibilities, and we will always improve. If we use our healthy, bright, and stay truthfully real sides to do our best, I think a lot of people will feel it.

Q. Besides a public TV broadcast, is there something else you want to do like a musical?

A. L: Putting the job of a singer as a definite, I think I want to be a magazine model because I have an interest in it. Facial expressions are fun to do too.

Dongwoo: I have a lot of interest in songwriting and composing. Studying the lime is really fun. I read a lot of books too. I’m studying frequently, and writing in my journal.

Sunggyu: If I have a chance, I want to be a DJ. R&B or Hip-Hop. Because I did rock too, I’m not choosy and I listen to rock too.

Hoya: I also have greed in a lot of places, but for now I just want to do my best in singing and dancing.

Sungyeol: After succeeding as a singer, I want to do acting, entertaining. And as the last, I want to do trot too. It’s my life plan, after succeeding as singer and coming back from the military, I will try out entertaining and trot.

Woohyun: Want to do it with me?

Sunggyu: Sungyeol is someone with a lot of greed. After becoming the first in a lot of areas, he will live a decrepit life and travel across the nation to perform.

Woohyun: I also have interests in many areas, but because I like musicals and acting, I want to try it. Since life is an act, I think I’ll do good, it’s a life that’s created. The reason I was born in the first place was to become a singer. I want to learn the piano. And I would play the piano as an accompaniment to the hyungs singing or I want to play when I’m singing too. I want to try out acting too. If you make me do whatever, I will do my best to do it.

Q. What do each of you want to do by the time you’re 30?

A. Woohyun: For me, I would want to be making my wedding plans. For now I want to engage my best in my job though.

Sungyeol: After coming back from the military, acting and entertainment. When I think I’m finished, I will convert to trot. (Such a precise plan… We’ll be looking forward to it.)

Sunggyu: Of course I would be trying come back into the industry after coming from the military. I’m going to do music till I die.

Dongwoo: I think I’m going to meet a fated love that could be the one. Wouldn’t I be planning a wedding.

Hoya: I would have to wait till then to know, but I wouldn’t I still be a singer.

Q. When L-sshi and Sungjong-sshi become adults, what would they want to do?

A. L: As soon as I become 20, if there’s time, I want to go on a penniless journey. Something more from when I was a student. A bit more free, I want to go on a journey by myself.

Sungjong: I want to do everything I couldn’t do till then. I want to get a driver’s license, I want to go by myself, with no one else. I also want to tour other countries.

Q. Ah, it’s sad but it’s time to close up the interview. Please say something to our Bugs family.

A. Sunggyu: Yes. Us, Infinite, will always be active cheerfully and freshly; we will become an Infinite that tries to show a more cooler side.

Till now it has been Infinite. Thank you.

CREDITS: Bugs Homepage & Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits / (Translations)

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