{NEWS} 100901 Infinite at the “Love Statistics Concert”

9/1 (Wednesday) The 16th Statistics Day Anniversary, “Love Statistics Concert”, opened at Jungbu Daejun government office’s plaza. A lot of people might be thinking ‘huh?’ right now, and it was right, it was the time that the typhoon, Kompasu, effected our nation like crazy. After hearing about that typhoon that would come all day, we were wondering what would happen to the postponed concert but it was proceeded normally. The hosts stated that they would provide raincoats and they came to the scene of the concert about 20 minutes earlier than the original time, which was 7:30 PM. After they arrived, they created a good enough space to take pictures and were waiting for the concert to start, the sky played a joke or something because as soon as the first group Infinite took stage, rain started to come. This caused a state of lull but rain started coming from the beginning to the end. So much rain came that even after wearing the raincoat, my pants and shoes were completely soaked. But even during this, I ripped off my raincoat to protect my camera and remained to take various pictures of the singers. Although I’ve taken pictures of various environments of places I’ve traveled to, it was my first time taking pictures for 2 hours while being hit by falling rain. However, the concert was progressed excitingly and in a fun manner so it wasn’t boring and I think because they kept changing the singers, I enjoyed taking pictures. On this day’s Love Statistic Concert, singers that young people like such as Infinite, Seo Ingook, ZE:A, Son Dambi, Norazo, LPG performed while artists that older people enjoy such as Sul Woondo, Jung Soora, Kim Yongim, performed too, showing off a brilliant list of participants. Then let’s view the pictures taken during the Love Statistics Concert that proceeded through the heavy rain. I’m planning to post of various pictures for each group but for today, I’ll only upload a few as a sketch. Also, the Love Statistics Concert is planned to be broadcasted on TJB (Daejun Broadcasting)

CREDITS: http://donghun.kr/683 ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits


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