{NEWS} 100903 ‘Hot Topic’ Infinite, Perfect Partner MC with Kim Gura 2 Months After Debuting

[TV Daily = Ha Soona Writer] Newcomer 7 membered boy group, Infinite, has stirred a topic for becoming MCs for a entertainment program only 2 months after their debut.

A survival program to pick Nongshim’s raccoon product model. The show airing on cable channels KBS DRAMA and KBS JOY, ‘I Wish It Were You’, had an open audition to pick Nongshim’s ‘Raccoon’ advertising model and the 9 who were picked from this will have a series survival that’s processed over a couple of weeks, and will pick the final 1 raccoon girl.

In this program, Infinite and popular gagman, Kim Gura, have taken the role of leading these girls and are determined to show a different side of them.

The open audition, which was the first recording, they received the roles of on-the-spot MCs and there was statements that said they interviewed the audition applicants and created an amicable mood. And through this program, Infinite are determined to not only conquer music programs, but also entertainment.

On the other hand, the winner of this survival program will be given a contract with Nongshim which will allow them to shoot CFs, magazines, advertisments, and such chances along with prize money. The KBS N Star Making Survival, ‘I Wish It Were You’, with Kim Gura and Infinite as well matching MCs, will have its first airing on September 6th.

CREDITS: TV Daily ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits (Translations)


2 Comments on “{NEWS} 100903 ‘Hot Topic’ Infinite, Perfect Partner MC with Kim Gura 2 Months After Debuting”

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