{NEWS} 100926 Infinite, Opens a Fanmeeting for Their 100th Since Debut

<Joy News 24>

Group Infinite will have their first ever fan meeting since debut to celebrate their 100th day.

Infinite will have their first fan meeting hosted on the 19th at 7 PM in the Youngdeungpo Times Square CGV Art Hall.

Before debuting, Infinite gathered a lot of interest and interest from fans through “Infinite, You Are My Oppa”.

As they debuted into the music industry with their title song ‘Come Back Again’, which was off their first mini album ‘First Invasion’, Infinite quickly secured a fanbase and showed increasing growth.

A company representative stated “As a rookie singer, they received excessive love, so we planned an official 100th day fan meeting to repay for it.” And added, “Although it’s rare to have a fan meeting before an official fan club is set up, we will show an amazing performance and new sides for Infinite fans.”

Comedian Park Hwisoon will be hosting and the fan meeting will last for an hour and 30 minutes and they will perform all of the songs listed on the album along with a special song that each member prepared; it is expected to see various stages such as dance. There are also a lot of events prepared such as answering fan questions or a contest for fans.

Infinite stated, “The feeling for this is different from preparing for a broadcast. While doing broadcast activities, we practiced if we had time, even if it were night or dawn. Because this is a performance for fans, we will prepare more and show amazing performances, and we will show our own charms that we couldn’t on show on broadcast. We would like to have fun with all of our fans.”

Fan meeting tickets are planned to be sold on the 8th through Auction.

CREDITS: Lee Miyoung @ Joy News ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


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