{NEWS} 100909 Infinite, 100th Day Since Debuting Fan Meeting, Sold Out in 10 Minutes

[Newsen Lee Unhyuk Writer]

Infinite’s first fan meeting, that is opening on the 19th at 6 PM in Seoul Youngdeungpo Times Square CGV Pop Art Hall, sold out in 10 minutes.
Their company, Woollim Entertainment, revealed on the 9th, “Through Auction (a selling site), the tickets that started selling on the 8th at 8 PM, sold out 8 minutes after it started.”
Infinite, who has reached their 100th day since debuting, are planning to perform all the songs off their mini album as well covering senior singers such as DBSK, Rain, and H.O.T. Each member is preparing a solo stage along with skills (such as impressions).
Through Infinite’s company, they said, “As much as we are singers, we will make everyone enjoy it with our songs.” And, “Until we do our solo stage soon, we will work our hardest.”
On the other hand, comedian Park Hwisoon, has become the host for the fanmeeting.

CREDITS: Newsen ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits


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